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2002 - 2004 Trinity & All Saints College, University of Leeds

2000 - 2003 Ski Rossendale

2000 - 2002 Accrington & Rossendale College

1998 - 2000 Identalink UK Ltd.


1994 - 1998 Express Gifts Ltd.

1992 - 1994 Accrington & Rossendale College

1991 - 1992 Automet Filtrations Ltd.

1990 - 1991 Random Jobs

1985 - 1990 Fearns High School.


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IT Skills

Leisure Interests



Wide range of qualifications and experience. Extremely competent using most IT packages. Currently based in Leeds & Rossendale. Have just finished Unversity, due to financial difficulties and am currently seeking full time employment.



Forename: Richard
Date of Birth 29th Sep, 1973
Marital Status: Single
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Sep 2002- Jan 2004 Trinity & All Saints College, University of Leeds. (Website)

BA Single Honours Degree, Sports, Health, Exercise & Nutrition

Keyskills Organisation, communication, presentation, teamwork.
Year One Results:
70% Anatomy & Physiology (Assignment - VO2 Max)
69% Introduction to Food and Nutrition
79% IT, Graphics and Data Management skills for Health Promotion (Assignment - Health Promotion Leaflet, Assignment - Powerpoint Presentation)
66% Professional Attachment (Assignment - Attachment Report)
73% Psychological and Sociological perspectives of Sport and Leisure (Assignment - Perception & Decision Making)
72% Psychological and Sociological aspects of Health and Well-being
Sep 2000 - June 2002 Accrington & Rossendale College (Website)
Course: Open College, Pathway to Science
Level III Results:
60% English (Assignment - American English, Assignment - Literary Criticism)
67% Human Physiology (Assignment - Skiing Physiology)
Level II Results:
Pass Criminology
82.5% Mathematics (GCSE equivilent)
Pass Sociology
Pass Study Skills & Techniques
Sep 1992 - June 1994 Accrington & Rossendale College (Website)
Course: City & Guilds, Desktop Publishing
Course Content: Typography, Document Layout, House styles, Graphic Design, Pagermaker 5
Pass Levels I, II & III
Sep 1985 - June 1990 Fearns High School
Level: GCSE
8 GCSE's Art & Design (E), CDT (E), English Language (E), English Literature (E), Graphical Communications (D), History (F), Mathematics (E), Science (E)

Aug 2000- June 2003 Ski Rossendale, including Yr 1 Professional Attachment (Website)
Position: Professional Attachment (See my Report)

Learnt about all aspects of managing the centre including: Internal & External communication, organising staff and daily management procedures.

Learnt about coaching standards (skiing & snowboarding) and the training principles employed when instructing people of all ages.

Studied event organisation and followed the processes and structures used to stage a slalom race.

Position: Rental Technician

Served customers of all ages, needs and abilities and organise groups into appropriate lessons.

Ran children's snow-tube parties.

Serviced and repaired skis, snowboards, boots and bindings.

Monitored ski-slopes, ski/snowboarding abilities and operated ski lifts.

Performed slope and lift checks and basic lift and slope repairs.

Key Skills: Public Relations, Observation, Technical Skills, Ability to work with Children/special needs groups, Knowledge of Skiing/Snowboarding
Reason for leaving: When I started, the centre mainly employed casual staff. In June, 2003 all staff became contracted and I was unable to commit to a permanant contract due to my studies in Leeds.
Jan 1998- Jan 2000 Identalink UK Ltd.
Position: Software Developer

Developed Object Orientated Nursing home software to store information about residents.

Designed a complex, multi layered Database structure to run alongside the front-end software.

Programmed a fully intergrated image-capture form to capture Photgraphic ID along with personal, medical and behavioural data.

Implemented a visual mapping system whereby staff could easily identify the Nursing home layout; resident's rooms and fire escapes ect.

Key Skills: Organisation, Flexibility, Working to tight deadlines, Knowledge of software development
Reason for leaving:

Made redundant when the parent company folded

Nov 1994 - Jan 1998

Express Gifts Ltd.
Position: Departmental Manager

Managed the ground-floor rack-filling department.

Managed stock levels and ordered new stock as and when required.

Worked with the ground floor picking managers to ensure a smooth-flowing operation as our departments were interlinked.

Trained all new employees within the department and ensured all staff adhered to health and safety requirements.

Key Skills: Management, Organisation, Communication
Reason for leaving: Left to go into computing
May 1991- Aug 1992 Automet Filtrations Ltd.
Position: Carbon Filler / Site Fitter

Constructed carbon filters.

Travelled to various sites fitting carbon and HEPA filters; mainly Landrover (Solihull) and Honda (Swindon).

Key Skills:

Technical skills, ability to travel and work away from home

Reason for leaving: Went to college
June 1990- May 1991 Random Jobs
Positions: Removal Worker (Hambletons Removals), Machine Setter (Kenross Containers), Production Operative (Lambert Howarth & Sons)
Reason for leaving: All were temporary positions.

Overview: Mainly self-taught. Have always had an active interest in computing, since first trying to program my own version of Space Invaders on a Dragon 32 (I also remember making a pretty cheeky little Pac-Man clone all those years ago!). Learnt to program Basic across various platforms (Dragon, ZX Spectrum & Commodore 128). Learnt much more about object orientated programming through working at Identalink. Have also kept up to date with the latest graphics manipulation software from Corel Photopaint 3 through to Adobe Photoshop 7. Most recently have become interested in Web Design.
Competent Using: Microsoft Office, Visual Basic 6, Adobe Photoshop 7, Adobe Acrobat 5, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, Macromedia Flash MX, Macromedia Freehand MX, Coreldraw 7, Corel Photopaint 5.
I like sport and exercise, to work out at the gym, snowboard and also like walking my Lurcher, Cleo. My favourite sports are boxing, cricket and football. I like to go out and see all my mates. I also enjoy going to the cinema and watching films (Alien, Seven and Fight Club are my favourites).