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 - A fantastic site showcasing digital artwork. - Similar to the above, but well worth a look too. - Great site for sharing your digital photographs. - Site with many useful design links. - Great flash site with useful forums and tutorials. - Great site featuring the thoughts of many top football players. - Ridiculously useful site with live scores from around the world. Saturday afternoons were made for coffee, hangovers and Livescore! - Homepage of my team, Newcastle. - Cool interactive site which allows you to score points by predicting the results of boxing matches. - Keepy Uppy, the most pointless and addictive game on the internet (my record is 126!).
 - Download Snes, Sega and Neo Geo games/emulators. - Multi Arcade Machine Emulator; does just what it says on the tin. Games are hard to find but I will add a couple of sites in the near future. - Remakes of Spectrum games, a really nice site. - Remakes of games from lots of different platforms. - Original ZX Spectrum games to download, plus the emulators (I reccomend Speculator).

- More Links to follow -