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Goal of the month: Zidane, Real Madrid 2:1 Leverkuson, Hampden Park, Glasgow, 2002 Champions League Final. (10.2s@56k)

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What's New?

Lots of new content, see the newly scrollbar-alised 'In Brief' list over there >>> No new goal of the month, but Rivaldo Vs Valencia is imminent....



"Never drink Tequilla Slammers within a country mile of a marriage chapel!" -

Al Bundy


In Brief

2nd March, 2004

Have just finished my first commercial website, take a look here.

15th Jan, 2004

Sports clips are now located in the Media section.

14th Jan, 2004

Added a lot of new stuff: check out the sexy new media viewer in Media. Have also updated the Portfolio and Links pages, feel free to have a nosey.

4th Jan, 2004

Bought a new TV set <<<<

12th Dec, 2003

Have quit Uni, to concentrate on Football coaching and also on getting rid of all this student debt... Blair = tight-fisted ****!

27th Nov, 2003

Passed my interview to teach 'soccer' with the Major League in America. Now got to concentrate on getting my FA qualifications. Check out the MLS website...

10th Aug, 2003

Added a Portfolio of my work done done at University and College.

24th July, 2003

Added a photo album of my exploits in Egypt, click the pic to take a look.

7th July, 2003

And so, back and forth throughout the summer. Will try and add a lot of stuff on here when I am at home.

1st July, 2003

Moved into my new house in Leeds today

26th April, 2003

Going back to University for 2 weeks tomorrow to start semesta 3. Am coming home for six weeks after that for I am doing my professional attachment here.

25th April, 2003

Home page up and running. Feel free to email me if you find any bugs.



Get Hypnoteyesed $00 Check out my new wallpapers added in the Photoshop section.