Recent Writings

It took me a while but I finally have it up. This is the page were you can find the most recent of my writings. UPDATED OCTOBER 28,2003 Questions or Comments? NEW STORY: Lost In A Memory is just simply my thoughts on how I would have written the last episode. Its different so be sure to read it, ok.

Lost In A Memory

Smiles On Their Faces-
-Knives In Their Backs
Ive Dreamt It All Before

God Of Wine

S? Go out for a night of drinks but end being taken farther than they'd ever want to go. The title should give you a hint. My first Tragedy story!

Shattered Glass

After complications with a bounty, Spike blames himself for Fayes injury only to discover that Faye claims it wasn't his fault. Its then that he starts to see what hes always had right in front of him all along. S/F