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The Picture Gallery

613th AC&W Sqd

"The Hill"
Contributed by Ron Weidner

"The Hill" - Up Close

Picking up those Butts

Remember the Cherry
Blossom lined Drive?

Some Officer's 1956 Ford.
Was it yours, maybe?

A/1c Corner/Sgt.Yokley
On the Hill

1958 - The "Gang" - Eddie Walker (me), in the middle, fatigues and c_ _ t cap

Eddie Walker (L)
Dick Bogart (R)

View of Operations
From The Base
lower "X" where we walked from

Don't Jump - You can extend
"Chick" Olson

A little R & R
Eddie Walker (L), Ed Brinker (R
Unknown in center

Looking Down
from the top

Another look
from the top

Punishment Trail
Carried a rock loaded
field pack around
this sucker a few times

"Say What"
At the Beach, I think

Yokley (L)
Richard Condon (R)

My "Friend"

I need more pictures, documents, orders, etc, for this site. Any of you old 613th guys out there can send me anything you want to contribute to My Email or snail mail it ot me at: Gene Walker, 312 Air Base Blvd., Montgomery, Al 36108.
I promise to return anything you send me.

Eddie Walker