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"We're Bound To Go To Heaven - We've Spent Our Tour In Hell"
It is not at all clear to me, why this slogan was chosen for the patch of the 613th AC&W Squadron. Perhaps we all felt that it was HELL coming straight from basic training; being away from Mom (clean clothes, cooked meals, pampering, extra spending money,etc.); being apart from our high school sweetheart; knowing little brother was driving that 1950 Ford we left behind; not being able to go to the drive-in movie (in the trunk, of course); and, not hanging out, smoking and joking, with our buddies on the corner. Now who would'nt feel that they had left Heaven and come straight to HELL after leaving all that behind?

HOW WRONG WE WERE! I realized what real hell was when I got my first stateside assignment.

I was still 1000 miles from Mom, my sweetheart had a new love, my pride and joy 1950 Ford had been sold in order to buy my little brother a car, I had lost all interest in drive-in movies (I was much too worldly now), and I now missed my new buddies a lot more than I had my old ones. AND NOW, I had to wash, and fold, my own clothes, shine my own shoes, and pull KP. I had to wear proper uniform at all times (no straw hats and FIGMO ribbons), and my arm was wearing out from all the saluting to people I didn't even know.

Cigarettes now cost me $3.00 a carton instead of $1.50 a carton, a beer cost me $.75 instead of $.15 each, I had to walk every where because I couldn't afford a taxi anymore, I couldn't afford to go anywhere to wear all those sharkskin and silk suits I had bought in Ominato, and there is no need to mention the female companionship aspect of the changed environment.

So, I am not sure that the slogan should not have been: " We're Bound To Go To Hell - We've Spent Our Tour In Heaven".

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