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-Final Fantasy

-Final Fantasy


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-Bust A Groove

-Final Fantasy VII Reunion (Orchestrated)

-Jet Force Gemini

-Star Wars:
Rogue Squadron

-Xenogears: Creid

-Zone of the Enders

~Other Playstation Game Music~

Last Updated: June 8, 1999.

Okay, here's the deal: by the time I actually bought a PS, I had gotten into mp3s more than MIDIs... so this section has remained quite barren. However, should I get really bored some day, I might consider adding more. That is, unless I get some requests for this section; in that case, I'd add them faster than you can recite pi to the 25th decimal.

My favorite:

Overworld theme (Breath of Fire 3)

Breath of Fire 3: Overworld
Breath of Fire 3:Pure Again (ending)
Metal Gear Solid: Title Screen
Metal Gear Solid: Caught!
Castlevania Symphony of the Night: Tragic Prince

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