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-Final Fantasy


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About the Editor

     Let me introduce a young gent named Alex Buck (he's in charge of this site, in case you haven't guessed). He's sixteen years old, lives in a very small Northern Michigan city, and attends high school as a sophomore. Hobbies of his include: video games, listening to all kinds of music, using computers, diving, rollerblading , playing piano (for eight years now), and sleeping. Unfortunately, his internal clock seems to have a problem with him sleeping past 9:30 in the morning, so he can never enjoy vacations as much as he'd like...

     Anyway, in his free time, he loves to hang out with his lovely girlfriend (see above picture) and other friends. Other than that, he likes to play piano, video games... heck, I already told you above.

     Well, that about does it.

Quote: "Only fools are positive."
                           -An eccentric, yet profound fruit bat.

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