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Zelda: Twilight Princess for Gamecube and Wii


* June 29, 2006 *

Great news: I've just added a page of SPCs.  These are Super Nintendo music files ripped directly from the games themselves, which means entire soundtracks often require less space than a single mp3 file.  Even better, they sound EXACTLY (more or less) the way you heard them in the good ol' days.  Lots of good stuff in there, including some Final Fantasy, Zelda, Secret of Mana, Mario, and more.  Click here to see the new wares -- free of charge, of course.

- A.t.f.

* May 24, 2006 11:50 PM EST *

This is about to get very confusing, but... after three years of absence, the old Alex has returned as site master ("and there was much rejoicing").  I turned 21 today, so you should all wish me a happy birthday... *cue long, painful silence*.

I can't guarantee a much more active site than in the past few years, but at the very least I plan to give the Game Music Galaxy an overhaul beginning today.  It may be weeks, it may be months, but rest assured... you will see change.  My current plans include an SPC (Super Nintendo sound rips) section, a more comprehensive MIDI library, and possibly even some torrent files.

In the meantime, the MIDI sections will remain available, and please feel free to visit the other fine game music and emulation sites listed at the bottom of this page.

- Alex, the former

* Febuary 22, 2004 9:09 PM EST *

Hey everyone! WHOA! Lack of updates...sorry -_-' It was never meant to be like this! My internet was down and I was VERY busy with exams and stuff!

Anyways, I'm planning on taking down the mp3's since they don't work and make more room for mor midi's! I'm thinking of some newer Zelda, and Final Fantasy music....Perhaps even some Kingdom Hearts music! ^_^ Anyways I will have that up soon.




SPC - Super Nintendo Soundtracks

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DISCLAIMER: I do not claim or accept credit for the MIDI tracks posted on my page. They belong to their respective mixers and composers -- I did not mix these songs!   However, compliments about the site itself are welcome.