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1. OJT objectives
2. OJT requirements
3. Procedures & Responsibility of Host Company
4. Grading System
5. Written Report
6. Documentation

In response to the demands of the industry for globally competitive Engineering graduates as to knowledge, skills, attitudes and values, the OJT aims to:

1. Give the student exposure to the actual technical and managerial aspects of the ECE profession.

2. Enable the student to gain experience, relate and apply the theories he learns in school to real industrial situation and problems.

3. Develop and instill a positive attitude, self confidence and self-motivation required of a responsible professional in handling tasks.

4. Impress on the student the importance of human relations in the working place or environment


1. All ECE students with fifth year standing must undergo OJT, which is a partial fulfillment of ECE 525 requirement

2. The minimum required number of hours of training is 200

3. A student is required to submit a final report at the end of his training

4. Must submit research paper regarding any topic or improvement or proposal to the company


Procedure for the Student

1. The student writes a letter of application addressed to the company concerned, endorsed by the Department Chairperson and the dean of the Faculty of Engineering. The student may send letters of application to a maximum of three(3) companies with chairman approval

2. The student is responsible for following up his application

3. Upon acceptanc by the company, the student must inform the chairman of his acceptance by submitting any proof of his acceptance

4. The student submits the waiveer form, signed by the parent/s or guardian/s to the chairman

5. If required, the student submits a Training Program from the company upon acceptance

6. The student starts at the recommended date

7. The student is required to make a progress report, on a day-to-day basis

8. The student should at all times keep all documents pertaining to his OJT

9. The student must comply with the general guidelines of the company regarding their own OJT program

10. Upon completion the student is required to obtain from the company several documents (chapter 5)

11. The student is then required to submit a hardbound written report a outlined in chapter 6.

12. Students must seek approval from the Department Chair if work (company) is outside of Manila. Violation of this will merit deductions from the grade of ECE 525.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Host Company

1. Through the immediate supervisor through the human rsource department, ensures that the OJT student undergoes work technical in nature and related to ECE

2. Ensures a safe working environment for students undergoing OJT

3. Assigns an immediate supervisor who will monitor the performence of the student during the duration of the training

4. Upon completion of the required number of weeks, requires the student to submit to the chairman a certificate of completion

5. Through the assigned supervisor, fills up and signs the OJT Performance Evaluation Forms. He submits this to the Chairman through the student


The grading system is based from the following criteria:

a. Evaluation---------------------- 50%
b. Compliance to the Deadline-- 10%
c. Written Report----------------- 40%
........... Gen. requirement-------- 5%
........... Completeness----------- 15%
........... Content------------------ 20%


Passing grade = 60%


A. Title Page
B. Company Profile/Abstract of Training
C. Progress Report
D. Documentation
.....1. Letter of Application *
.....2. Proof of Acceptance **
.....3. Training Program **
.....4. Certificate of Completion **
.....5. Proof of Number of Hours
.....6. Performance Evaluation **
.....7. Manuals/Handouts related to training
.....8. Research Paper/Evaluation Program

* - UST Faculty of Engg Letterhead
** - Company Letterhead


Application Letter

[Company Address]

Dear [Sir/Madam]:

       I am a graduating student of the Electronics and Communication
Department of University of Santo Tomas.

       In partial  fulfillment of the course, I am  required to  have
at  least 200 hours of comprehensive training  within the confines of
a reputable and well  known establishment whose functions are  within
the scope of Electronics and Communications Engineering.This training
will  enable me  to  obtain  first hand  experience  in  my  field of
endeavor and provide me with knowledge of some of it's aspects.

       In  connection  with this, I am  requesting  for an on-the-job 
training in your company.

       Your  response and  favorable  action on  this  matter  will be
highly appreciated.

Very respectfully yours,

[student name]
[student number]

Endorsed by:

[Dept. Chair]
ECE Deptartment Chairman

Noted by:


         This is to  certify  that I am  allowing my [son/daughter], 
[student name] to go to an on-the-job training for a  minimum of 200
hours starting on [date] until [date] at  [company name] in  partial
fulfillment of the requirement for the degree in Bachelor of Science
in Electronics and Communications Engineering.
         It is understood that [he/she] abides by the  rules and re-
gualtions that may be imposed by the company for his welfare.

         I fully agree to  waive any responsibility  on the  part of
the University of Santo Tomas, and/or the representatives in case of
any untoward  incident  that may  happen to my [son/daughter] on the 
duration of [his/her] training.

[Name of Parent/Guardian]   [signature]   [Date]
[Student Name]
[Student Number]
[Home Address]
[Telephone Number]

Progress Report

Date: Department: _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Noted by: [Signature over printed name] [Position]
Performance Evaluation Form

PART I [to be filled up by trainee] NAME: AGE: COURSE: SEX: MAJOR: Electronics and Communications SCHOOL: University of Santo Tomas CITY ADDRESS: PERMANENT ADDRESS: NO. OF TRAINING HRS REQUIRED: minimum of 200 ____________________ signature of trainee
PART II [to be filled up by Comp. Representative where student is employed] DIVISION ASSIGNED: FIELD TRAINING GIVEN: INCLUSIVE OF TRAINING: FROM: TO: TOTAL NO. OF HRS. RENDERED BY TRAINEE: JOB FACTORS MAX. RATING TO BE GIVEN RATING 1. Quality of Work (thoroughness, accuracy, neatness & effectiveness) 20% 2. Quantity of Work (able to complete work in allotted time) 20% 3. Dependability, Reliability & Resourcefulness (ability to work with minimum amount of supervision) 15% 4. Attendance (regularly and punctuality in office attendance and proper observation of break time periods) 15% 5. Cooperation (works well with everyone; good team worker) 10% 6. Judgment (sound decisions; ability to identify & evaluate factors) 10 % 7. Personality (personal grooming and pleasant disposition) 10 % Total Rating: Recommendation for the trainee’s further growth: Evaluated by:_________________ [Name & Signature/ Designation]

These were the guidelines and policies set by UST Faculty of Engineering ECE Department that we used during our OJT last Summer 2000.
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