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Beach and Cliffs

     The cliffs rise out of the beach on the horizon to the west of Aquila. It is among these rocky outcrops that one may find the home of golden dragon, Dracelnesse. Her cave is set high on the side of one of the interior cliffs bordering a small valley hidden within its rock-ribbed shell. Below lies the vale, and namesake of her tavern located in the town square. The view here can only be considered breathtaking. Massive trees of a variety unfamiliar to the region spring from the forest floor, their branches supporting myraid tree-house like rooms, called ekeles. Strategically placed boulders soak up the waning afternoon sunshine. In the exact center of the vale is a rose-hued, rounded stone--rather unassuming, but a mage would recognize it as dragon-shapeshifter's personal focus.
     The beach extends from the below the nearest city of Spadonia, approximately a two day ride away, to the foot of the cliffs. It is here that the white sands are met by the stormy water of Cirya Ambar, roughly translated from the Elven tongue to Ship's Doom, that is prone to large storms.


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