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Arena, Amphitheater, and Stables

         The fighting arena is located several miles outside of town, set atop a hill overlooking the sprawling meadow that lies between Aquila and the cliffs to the west. The ground is composed of a mix of the sandy soil of the region and a layer of wood shavings, making the arena an excellent training ground for young warriors who find themselves under the business end of a sword. The arena is surrounded by a wooden fence and is scattered with several cloth and straw mannequins. The ring is used not only for training, but for formal events such as duals, sparring, and jousting, as well.

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          The amphitheater stands in the center of a large field. The stage itself is set before several rows of curved stone benches, which have been built into the hillside. Beyond these seats, there is plenty of room for latecomers or those who could not afford the price of the show to sit on the ground; however, the view and acoustics aren't nearly as clear. The stage is usually left set as a town or small house, as this seems to fit into almost any play. Yet it is not unheard of to walk by and find the players in the midst of constructing a great forest or cemetery. Their performances are most entertaining and it is a favorite pastime of Aquila's citizens to spend an afternoon at the theater.

         The stables are situated between Aquila and the forest to the north. It is here that the permenant residents of the town board their horses. Travelers, however, are more likely to stay at an inn that will accomodate their road-weary steeds. And so most of the horses one will find at Pheonix Farms will belong to the more wealthy citizens of Aquila.
          The building itself is comprised of two rows of 15 box stalls and at the end of the aisle is the door leading to the office. It is here that the paperwork and tack are kept. On both ends of the stable are double doors. The entrance opposite from the office opens to the road, while the other opens to the paddocks. The fields stretch out for slightly more than a mile before they end at the edge of the forest.


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