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The Vale

©2000 KLS

         The most renowned tavern in the port city, the Vale is owned and operated by its enigmatic owner and proprietor, Dracelnesse. Located in the town square, the Vale is always the center of activity. Upon entering, you find yourself standing in the tavern, the center of the room filled with wooden tables and chairs and booths lining the walls on three sides. On the opposite side of the room is the bar, stools lining its counter. There is sure to be a (relatively) friendly tender here waiting to take your order and the Vale offers a wide variety of drinks, ranging from the truly exotic to run-of-the-mill. However, in this tavern, obnoxiousness is not permitted. Just ask anyone who has fallen victim to Drace's patented Blender. Not a pretty sight...
         If you're new in town and need a place to stay, this is the place to come for a room. Considering you've got a fair amount of coins in your pocket, that is. Decent room and board doesn't come cheap in a city like Aquila.


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