Season 1 Summaries

Letters to Sally
Letters from Sally


Felicity catches Blair kissing Elenas bestfriend Julie decides to find her mom and Noel pretends to be another girls boyfriend. While Blair says the kiss was a mistake Felicity can't be sure and she tella Elena that waht she saw did not look like a mistake. Elena can't deal with the fact that her boyfriend and best friend would lie to her. Julie makes a tape to send her mom when she is asked if she is there for the internship she then decides to apply. By the end of the episode Felicity and Elena catch Blair in the act again

Gimme an o

Felicity decides she wants to have sex with Noel. She confides in Julie who is a bit apprehensive because Ben and her went away over Christmas Break together. By the end of the show Felicity decides to take it slow with Noel and she finally realizes that Ben and her are never going to happen.


It's hells week and Noel and Felicity are making up or should I say making out everywhere .While Ben and Julie get a little closer and Sean learns not to invest in buisness without thinking it through first.


Airdate:Nov 24,1998

Julie decides that she is staying home for Thanksgiving . So is Noel whose girlfriend Hannah is coming. Felicity decides to stay with Julie and they decise to have their own Thanksgiving. When Hannah comes Noela cts as though Felicity means nothing to him.

Felicity is pretty pissed that she cannot go and see Noel whenever she wants. Meanwhile things between Noel and Hannah are very strained. When the big day comes Felicity is washing the pan when Noel comes in and they share a passionate kiss which Ben sees. Ben is kinda shocked when he finds out Noel had a girlfriend.

Hannah and Noel decide to break up and Julie,Felicity Elen her father, Javiar and the rest enjoy a good happy Thanksgivng dinner.

Drawing the Line Pt 2

Airdate:Nov 17,1998

Last we left, Felicity just found out that Julie was raped by Zach. Immediately, Felicity asks Noel for advice which throws him into shock. Later, Felicity takes Julie to the Health Services department to have Julie report it to her medical records;however, when confronted by the police, Julie does not take the stand to report it.

When things couldn't get any worse, Felicity has to babysit a college perspective, but shrugs it off, and onto Elena, who is in for the kick of her life! At Ben's apartment, Ben and Zach play Playstation, but is interrupted by Zach's R.A. Darryl and confronted about the rape. Darryl warns Zach that the rumors had better not be true or Zach will pay, dearly! Zach thrown into a rage seeks out Julie for an answer, but only to find that she is too scared to answer anything.

Her and Noel go to the doctor's office to see what else they can do and what the options are.Julie confronts Felicity about telling Noel of the whole situation, but Felicity knows in her heart she did the right thing and stands by it. Later, in class, Ben hears something about Julie and a rape, and he confronts Felicity about it. Sworn not to interfere, gives Ben body language to answer his question. Ben immediately confronts Zach and then beats the crap out of him. Afterwards, being the compassionate guy he is, let alone he likes Julie, comforts her and tells her about his problems. This leads to a revelation for her to tell on Zach.

Everything falls into place as soon as action is taken. Not for Elena though, Story who interrupts the whole studying thing with hopes of going to a club is thrown back to Felicity. However as soon as Meghan and Story meet, its totally an instant bond. Later, Zach admits to the crime and is willing to pay the time - no jail- just booted off the show! He tells Julie he is sorry and that he is leaving. Peace is once again restored to Kelvin dorm!

Drawing the Line Pt 1

Airdate:Nov 10,1998

Noel is troubled by his feelings about Felicity, and their really weird on going R.A./advisee relationship. He seeks the help of fellow R.Aers for advice. As he does, they suggest that Noel "draw the line" and not let this girl talk to him about stuff that makes him uncomfortable. He takes it under advisement.

Things between Blair and Elena get a little deeper when Blair goes out of his way to get Elena a record she wanted. Only to find out that Elena might be leaving UNY. Meanwhile, Zach and Julie get closer in a relationship, and it starts off will a simple favor to have her play music for his movie, which she agrees to do.

Felicity still upset over what happened between her and Ben, tries to patch things up, but finds out that he is still dealing with the fact that she was a "buttinsky". It leaves her heartbroken and runs to Noel for advice. Knowing he must tell her what he is to do, he....chickens out! What do you expect?

He tells her to confront Ben by going to see him under a different excuse. Try and talk things out. She follows Noel's advice, but cannot seem to make Ben change his mind or attitude towards her. It only leaves her more confused about the situation.

Back at the dorms, Julie and Zach are rehearsing for the movie, when Zach goes for his moves. Well, Julie stops him and tells him to "take it slow". Blair tries to get to the bottom of why did Elena blow him off and show him out. While returning from class he sees Elena outside the Financial Aid's office and pieces it together.

Noel once again heeds the advice of his fellow R.A's only to come up with the same answer - "Draw the Line". When Felicity goes to see him about the whole thing with Ben, he does it. This throws Felicity in a spin and she doesn't know what to do. Promptly, she leaves and desperately seeks the advice of Julie, who is leaving to go practice. Only one more person to turn to, she heads for Elena's, who's not home. However, she runs into Blair.

Blair tells her about a private scholarship, which only further enrages Elena. She demanded how he found out and pointed out Felicity. She storms out for Felicity's head. Noel beats her to Felicity. There he confronts her about the whole Drawing the Line thing and takes it back only for her to draw a new one. Before he can find out what he line is, Elena bursts in and chews Felicity's head off. This leaves Felicity in a worst place then she was.

She desperately tries to make a mends between everyone. Noel tries to get more advice from the R.A. staff, who tell him that he need only be her friend and wait. Elena comes to grips with things after a confrontation with Blair. That night, after recording, Zach and Julie go back to her place and..... Meanwile, taking the chance, Elena applies for the scholarship and gets it. She apologizes to Felicity, which in turns makes things better with her and Ben. He admires her for helping Elena stay at UNY. After all the heartfelt emotion, Felicity stops by to see Julie, only to find out that Julie was raped by Zach. To be continued.....


Airdate:October 28,1998 9/8 central

Everything is going great for Felicity. Ben and her are finally getting closer. She offers to print out his paper for their poetry class. HWn she is spell checking it she starts deleting and revising everything.

Meanwhile Elena is pissed at Noel she thinks he told everyone about Blair. When suddenly Blair appears out of nowhere. In class Felicity keeps sneaking peeks at Ben. When the papers are guven back out Ben's isn't with the pile. Ben comes out and tells Felicity and Julie that Rogalsky thinks he bought the paper He is pissed. Felicity can't hold it in and tells him that she rewrote his paper. She tells him that she will tells Rogalsky that it is all her falt.

Meamwhile Julie has her own problems Zack has invited her to see a movie Solaris and she is nervous she will embarrass him so she rents and watches it before hand. Ben comes to Felicity's apartment and tells her not to tell Rogalsky to let him handle it. Felicity is not convinced. When Ben goes up against the teachers it looks like he is gonna make it until he cannot answer a question. Felicity comes out of the shadows and takes full blame. She apologizes to Ben again

Zach and Julie see Solaris and she falls alsleep he tells her he doesn't care about the movie that he cares about her. Blair confronts Elena he tells her ow much helikes her. So Rogalisky decides that he will not expel Felicity and ben He gives them both and F for the assignment. So Felicity is waiting for Ben and she tries to apologize but he just brushes her off.


Airdate:October 21,1998 9/8 central Felicity and Noel are playing Boggle when he just reaches out and kisses her. Meghan catches them and thinks that something else is going on. Felicity is confused about her feelings so she decides to avoid Noel.

She is paired with Elena in Lab. elena asks her point blank if she is sleeping with Noel. Felicity says no. Meanwhile Julie and Felicity are still trying to fix their friendship. Julie tells Felicity that from now on she will do what she wants to do. Julie becomes friends with a uy in the laundry rooom Ethan(The Pink Guy)

Noel finally catches up with Felicity he asks her out on a maybe date. hse says okay. Meghan tells Elena that Felicity and Noel are sleeping with each other. Elena acuses Felicity of getting the fridge because she slept with Noel Felicity says that is not true.

Ben confronts Julie and Julie says that it would be better if they remained friends. Ben takes it kind of hard but accepts it. He is trying out for the school track team.

Noel and Felicity go out, Felicity excues herself and calls Julie. She decides to give Noel a chance when Noels tell sher he has a girlfriend. Felicity freaks out and leaves. She gives Elena the fridge. Later Noel explains that is was the distance but that he does love hi sgirlfriend.

Felicity goes see Ben try out he doesn't make it she asks him about it later and say she deciided not to try out.

Hot Objects

Airdate: October 13,1998 9/8 centeral

Felicity is very excited about her first college party. She tella Julie that she is thinking of inviting Ben. Ben invites Julie somewhere else but Julie tells him about the party ontheir floor.

Ben is given drama instead of Russian he has difficulty with it. Julie confides in Noel that she likes Ben and she thinks that Ben likes her. She asks Noel if she should tell Felicity. Ben says No.

The party arrives and Felicity is excied. She sees Ben enter the room and he heads straight for Julie. Julie yells at Felicity and tells her Ben calls her and that he likes her. She leaves Felicity alone. Meanwhile someone has an allegeric reaction to choclate and Noel takes him to the doctor. Felicity is standing by the snacks when a girl starts talking to her.

suddenly she hears her voice. It is the tape for Sally and it is at the part where Felicity is aying she imagine being with a man. Felicity runs to get her tape and goes to he room. Later she goes to buy ice cream. Noel sees her and tells her they will have to save their dance for later. She nods.

She goes to sleep suddenly she hears a knocking on her door. It's Ben he gt locked out. He wants to know if he can sleep over....on the floor. She says he can sleep on Neghan's bed. In the morning she gets out of bed and just stares at him.

The Stand

Airdate:October 6 1998 9/8 central

When Felicity learns that someone called asking for her application essay she asks Noel if he did. Noel says he didn't and asks her what she is talking about she feels weird because of his feelingd for her but she confesses that she thinks Ben called for it. Noel advises her not to send a copy but she does anyway.

She goes to visit her advisor and finds her parents their ahe is shocked she thought they were back home in Ca. Her dad says he can't get answers any where he confesses he called to get her applicaton essay. She panica and goes to see if she can get the letter before be can she can't

When her parents vist her dorm Noel insults them not knowing their in the room.She later makes her mother angry by a comment she says. Julie confides in Felicity that the reason she came to Ny is because her birth mother lives here. Felicity's fatherdecides to let her stay:)

Felicity and her mother patch things up while they are talking Ben comes up to them and smiles. He says"You wrote about Me" Felicity"Yeah" Hesmiles at her she introduces him to her mother and after he leaves her mom says"He's cute"LOL

episode ends with Felicity's parents leavimg in the lino.


Airdate:September 29 1998 9/8 central & October 1 9/8 central

On her graduation day Felicity Porter asks Ben Covington(her long time crush) to write in heryearbook. Based onhis entry she decides to change all her plans and goes to Ny to follow him. When she is about to get her student Id picture taken she sees Ben. He doesn't remember her name and is fissing another girl=0. She is heartbroken. In her class she is just staring at ben and tearing. a girl in her class sees her and sens her not asking her if she's okay. The girl introduces herself as Julie and they become friends.

She decides to confront Ben about her feeling for him. She tells him she hopes they can be friends. She works filing application essays and reads Ben's she is touched by this. Felicity meets Noel the RA and confides in him her feelings for Ben. Noel tells her not to worry. Ben asks Felicity for help in there poetry class. Felicity and Ben are studying in her room but Noel keeps interupting LOL. Later Felicity asks Julie to come with her and Ben to studu at first Julie hestitaes because she thinks there is something going on between them. Felicity says that they are just friends. =[

When they are all out together Ben asks Felicity if she meant what she said about them just being friends. She hesitates but repiles yes why. He then tells her he has a thing for Julie:0 He asks her if she minds she says no. She can't stand it and she confronts him she accuses him of leading her on. She confesses that she read his application essay. at that moment Julie walks out of his apt.

Felicity decides to leave Ny. Ben comes to her room and confides in her that he lied on his essay. Julie approachs Felicity and tells her she will not see Ben anymore. Felicity is determined to leave when he father tells her he was the one who got her into Stanford. She decides that she should be able to live her own life and make her own mistakes. She stays in New York.