Season Summaries
Letters to Sally
Letters from Sally

Felicity Porter[Keri Russel]

She had her life all planned out untill she met Ben then all her dreams went out the window.(they weren't really hers anyway) She ahs had a crush on Ben since 10th grade blood drive. She is an artist. Works at admissions office fileing student applications.

Ben Covington [Scott Speedman]

The most popular boy in Felicity's senior class. Seen argueing with a women possibly his mother. Says he came to NY because he and his dad always argued and that depressed his ma. He holds Felicity's opinon high. Seems to have a crush on Felicity.

Julie Emrick[Amy Jo Johnson]

A music major? She plays her guitar first day of class she saw Felicity crying and tried to console her. When she met Ben instant attraction she slept with him(the slut) anyways later she decided that her friendship with Felicity was more impotant. Although last episode she threw it in her face! She was adopted and came to NY because her birth mother lives there.

Noel Crane [Scott Foley]

The sophmore Resident Advisor for the floor he call himself the floor shrink. Has a big crush on Felicity.He also has a girlfriend who is going to Northwestern. Her name is Hannah. Can you believe he was such a jerk to cheat on his girlfriend!

Elena[Tangi Miller]

I love this girl. She is direct and straight to the point she does not beat around the bush like everyone else on thi show does. She is honest.

Sally Reardon [Janeane Garofalo]

She was Felicity's French Tutor. They worked together for years. Sally was supposed to be married but three months before her wedding her man was killed. He was driving a motorcycles and the guy who hit him was in a jeep. Sally couldn't deal so she moved away.