The Stand spisode 2 Transcript


Last Stand

Written By: J.J Abrams

Directed By:Matt Reeves

Transcribed By: Adam Ashby

Disclaimer -- All stories and characters therein the story of Felicity are created by J.J Abrams and Matt Reeves. All registered rights and trademarks of the show are the sole property of J.J Abrams and Matt Reeves, Warner Bros. Television, and Imagine Entertainment. This is purely a transcript, it is not a novelization nor an actual script, which contain action scenes, setting descriptions, and camera angles. Based on the Felicity episode: "Last Stand."

If there are any inconsistencies or needed corrections, please contact me, and it will be corrected immediately.

~~~~~~~~~~ Prologue ~~~~~~~~~~

Sirens blare

Felicity sits in the dark on the edge of her bed. She looks out the window and turns her head back forward. She clicks the tape recorder and smiles.

Felicity: Dear Sally....Ok, listen. Your not going to believe this.

Cut to streets of New York

Felicity walks through a typically crowded street of New York

Felicity: First of all, New York's the best. Thank God, I decided to stay here. At first it was sort of scary, even walking down the sidewalk. It was like being one snowflake in a crazy blizzard. But then it occurred to me -- everyone's one snowflake.

Cut to Felicity on a pay phone.

Felicity: I know my parents are probably freaking out, now that they're back in California, so just to reassure them that New York isn't swallowing their daughter whole, I've called them a few times, leaving, like 10-minute messages on their machine.

Cut to Felicity in her room with recorder in hand

Felicity: (sighs)'s (cut to Felicity in hall) the thing you won't believe. I was feeling totally ok about the whole Ben thing. (Cut to Ben sitting down) It was just a stupid crush. I didn't work out and that's all. Over. Next. (Cut to Felicity and Julie looking at Ben) I thought things might be weird between me and Julie. You know because of what happened. But I talked to her about it, and it turns out she's totally over Ben, too. So we were both over Ben.

Cut to Felicity and Julie leaving the lounge. Ben comes up behind Felicity.

Ben: Hey.

They turn around

Felicity: Hey.

Felicity looks at Julie and she looks back

Julie: I'll call you later.

Felicity: Yeah.

Ben: (smiles) So you're staying?

Felicity: Yeah, I, uh, decided to sweat it out for a little bit.

Ben breathly chuckles

Felicity: What?

Ben: (smiles) Nothing. Nothing. I just can't figure you out.

They exchange smiles, and Ben leaves.

Felicity: (to recorder) It sort of threw me when he said that and at the time, you know, I didn't know what to make of it.

Cut to Admissions office. Felicity is filling.

Felicity: Ok, finally for the thing you are *not* going to believe. I was at work study filing work study documents. And Mrs. Jessup came up to me. It seems someone called the admission office, a young man. He wanted to know if it was possible to access students college application essays. Mine. Mrs. Jessup told him no, and he hung up without leaving his name. Then Mrs. Jessup congratuated me, on having an admirer.

Felicity watches as Mrs. Jessup walks off.

Cut to Noel's room.

He is typing away at his computer. Someone knocks at his door. He does not take his eyes off the keyboard.

Noel: Hold on. I'm just....finishing a really.....bad sentence.

Noel gets up to answer the door. He opens the door and sees Felicity

Noel: Oh. Hey.

Felicity: I did the floor calendar.

Noel: Great. (takes the paper) This is uh....this is perfect.

Felicity: You didn't call the admissions office today, did you?

Noel: For what?

Felicity: To ask for my essay.

Noel: I-I don't understand.

Felicity: Uh....nothing.

Noel: Why--why would I call the admissions office?

Felicity: No, you wouldn't. Just forget about it. (tries to leave)

Noel: No, wait. Hold on. You gotta tell me. You're obligated to explain.

Felicity: Can I....(points to his room)

Noel: Yeah. (steps back and sits on his bed)

Felicity enters the room and closes the door.

Felicity: Um...I find it really easy to talk to you.

Noel: Yeah, I feel the same way.

Felicity: But the other day, when I asked you, you know, that question, and you said, "yes," it makes it harder to talk to you.

Noel: Yeah, look, I have to clear something up.When I said that I had feelings for you --

Felicity: Yeah, that was the question.

Noel: I know. I get feelings for people all the time. I'm a sensitive guy.

Felicity: Ok.

Noel: Yeah. I get crushes on everyone.

Felicity: You do? Oh.

Noel: Yeah. Felicity: Ok.

Noel: You know, don't uh...blow this out of proportion because it was -- it was mostly just this weird -- you know, I'm the R.A. which I've never been before. And-and you're the new freshman, uh...and it was more like almost this power-trip kind of thing, I mean, of course, I have feelings for you. I like you. Uh, but it's all just natural and--and unromantic as hell. Am I blushing?

Felicity: Sort of. (smiles)

Noel gets up and take off his outer shirt. Felicity sits on the bed.

Felicity: Well, so--so here's the thing. You know how I read Ben's college application essay.

Noel: Ok. So this is about Ben. All right. (sits down)

Felicity: Oh this is too weird. (gets up) Way too weird.

Noel: No, no, wait a minute. It's ok. (gestures for her to sit) Felicity: (sits down) (laughs) I--I just think...(exhales) that maybe Ben is uncomfortable, you know, that I read his application essay behind his back, and he didn't get to read mine. I think he might have called the admissions office to try and get it.

Noel: Your essay, which you don't want him to see?

Felicity: No way. I mean, mostly, because, it's about him.

Noel: Yeah, your college application essay is about Ben?

Felicity: So I *can't*, you know, show him my essay, right? I mean, that would be humilating.

Noel: Yeah, I think your instincts are right. I don't think you can let Ben see that essay.

Felicity: Ok. I think I'm going to.

Noel: Wait, you were just asking my advice.

Felicity: No, I--I was using you as a bouncing board.

Noel: Bouncing board?

Felicity: This was helpful, though. I'm not going to hand it to him. That might embarass him. I'm going to mail it. (leaves)

Noel: No, wait! (gets up) Ok. I think you're making a mistake here. (she turns to face him) And remember this is coming from someone who doesn't even slightly have a crush on you.

Felicity: I'm still sending Ben my essay.

Noel: All right, look, so don't come back unless you're going to listen to me.

Felicity: (closing the door) Thank you, Noel.

Noel: I mean it.

Cut to Felicity placing the essay in an envelope.

Felicity: Here's my matter what, you can never be ashamed of the truth.

Cut to Felicity in her room.

Felicity: Anyway, I hope that you're happy and that you're finding a life in Sante Fe. I miss you, Sally. Talk back soon, ok. Love, Felicity.

Cut to street. Felicity puts the tape and the essay into the mailbox.

Cut to Felicity walking down the hall to the advisor's office.

She enters, shock crosses her face. The advisor and Felicity's parents turn to look at her. The advisor goes back behind his desk, and her parents stand.

Felicity: What are you doing here? What is this?

Advisor: Come in. Close the door

She does as she is told

Dad: We're her because we're trying to understand why you're so adamant about New York.

Felicity: You said you went back home. You lied to me?

Dad: We didn't lie

Felicity: I asked you if the flight was bumpy, and you said -- .

Dad: All your mother said was we were fine.

Felicity: What did you tell them?

Advisor: I suggested they talk to their daughter.

Mom: We need to understand where this big switch came from. Nancy even asked me if you were on drugs.

Felicity: You honestly think I'm on drugs?

Dad: We honestly don't know what to think.

Felicity: But you could imagine that. That I'm here because of drugs?

Mom: Did we do something wrong? Are you angry with us?

Dad: Because we can't get answers anywhere. Not from you, not from the admissions office, not from your counselor --

Felicity: What do you mean?

Dad: I mean, we want to know where this need to be in Manhatten all of a sudden comes from.

Felicity: You said admissions office.

Dad: I tried to get a copy of your application essay.

Felicity: (shock consumes her face) Oh, God.

Dad: But they refused to give it to me.

Felicity: No! Oh, no! Oh, I can't believe this! (darts out the door) Damn it!

Her mom stands bewildered.

Dad: She was never like this....before. Cut to Noel's room.

A guys knocks on the door

Noel: Hold on.

Noel opens the door

Noel: Larry, what's up?

Larry: I'm sort of having some problems with, uh, Lewis.

Noel: Ok, what is it?

Larry: He keeps talking in his sleep, and, uh, pretty loud.

Noel: Yeah. That--that is annoying.

Larry: That's not even it. Ahem. See,'s the subject matter.

Noel: Oh. Ah, well. What's he talking about?

Larry: Uh, buying knives and, uh, killing his roommate. Which--which is a problem.

Noel: Ok. I'll, uh....I'll talk to Lewis.

Larry: Would you talk to him?

Noel: I'll handle it. Yeah, I got it covered.

Larry: Thanks

Noel: Yeah.

Larry walks off, and Noel stares blankly as he closes the door.

Cut to Mail Room

Felicity: Hi. This is kind of a strange request, but I'm curious if you could tell me if a letter I sent to a friend of mine has arrived.

Mail clerk continues to sort the mail.

Felicity: His name is Ben Covington, and it's, um, kind of a cream envelope letter sized. Um, there's no return address on it. Please.

Clerk: I'm not supposed to do that.

Felicity: Do what?

Clerk: Give information, Vis-`a-vis other students, ok?

Felicity: This is important. I sent him an invitation, and I just need to know that he got it. Uh, but i just don't know which box is his. It's Covington, Ben. It's a cream colored enevlope.

The clerk looks at her.

Felicity: Please.

The clerk looks at her, and then flips through his clipboard. He glances at her, and walks away. She watches and heads for the mail boxes. She looks through the box glass. The clerk pulls out a stack of mail and shows her the envelope and puts it back. She meets him at the counter.

Felicity smiles at him

Clerk: What?

Felicity: Is there any way, you could give me back that envelope?

Clerk: Give it to you?

Felicity: (disappointed) Sir...I need you to give me that envelope.

Clerk: Giving you that envelope would constitute a Federal Offense.

Felicity: I won't tell anyone.

Clerk: Which might be fine for you; however, I have a conscience.

Felicity: What is that supposed to mean?

The clerk raise his eye brow and continues to work.

Ben: ( off camera) Hey!

Felicity look over.

Ben: How you doing?

She looks at the clerk and goes over to Ben

Felicity: Oh, hey.

Ben: You all right? Yeah? You seem a little bit...

Felicity: No, I'm--I'm good. (stares at the letter) I'm, uh, still trying to, uh, get all my classes.

Ben: Yeah, uh, I haven't really signed up for any of mine either.

Felicity: (still eyeing the letter) Really? You know, you gotta, uh, get those electives pretty soon.

A student accidently bumps into Ben causing him to drop his mail to the floor.

Ben: Aah!

Felicity: (rushes to the mail) Oh....

Student: Oh, I'm sorry buddy. You all right?

Ben: I'm all right. All right. I'm all right. They scramble through the mail. Felicity grabs her letter. Ben tries grab it but she does not let go.

Ben: (smiles) It's all right, I got it.

Felicity: (nervous chuckle) Oh, ok. Well....I'll let you....

Ben: You know, I was thinking, um...I think it's really good that you're staying.

They exchange smiles and Ben walks off.

Felicity: (exhales) Oh...(leaves)

Cut to Noel talking to Lewis in the hall

Noel: So you have no intention of buying any knives?

Lewis: No.

Noel: Or killing...your roommate? Lewis: (pauses) No.

Noel: I gotta be honest with you here, Lewis. I wish you were a little more convincing.

Noel spots Felicity going into her room

Noel: Um, I want to finish this conversation later. (jogs off)

Cut to Felicity's room.

She is tormented by the thought of that letter in Ben's hands. She hangs her jacket up, and Noel knocks on the door.

Felicity: Come in.

Noel: (opens the door) Hey.

Felicity: Hey. So guess what? It wasn't Ben who was asking about my essay. It was my dad.

Noel: Ok, but you didn't send it to Ben yet, did you? Noel: Oh, that's great.

Felicity: And now, years from now, Ben will look back on college and remember Felicity Porter : as that obsessive girl with frizzy hair who not only follow him across country but then just began randomly sending him information about herself, as if he'd ever asked for any.

Noel: Well, if you can live with that, then you're ok.

Felicity: And on top of everything. My parents are meeting with me and my counselor. It's gonna be this horrible mediation attempt.

Noel: Well, that's why I'm here. I actually have a theory about this. Felicity slowly looks at him with a sardonic face.

Noel: I think you should invite your parents to come see the dorm, (she puts her handson her face) introduce them to your R.A., who will make them feel really secure. You know, let them get to know the place; otherwise, where you live is always gonna be a mystery, and they'll never be ok with any of this.

Felicity: Do you really think that's the best thing to do?

Noel: Yeah I do, I mean, I'm --I'm just your R.A., but --

Felicity: I really appreciate you not saying, "I told you so." about sending Ben the essay.

Noel: Your welcome. Although...that-that is all I'm thinking.

Felicity: I know.

Noel: Ok.

Cut to parent's hotel room.

Felicity dad's on the phone

Dad: Then Mark, when you talk to her, I want you to make it sound as good as it can. Ok? Oh, can you hold on a second? (clicks over) Hello? Felicity! (Mom turns around) Uh, Uh, let me get rid of this call.

Cut to Felicity and Noel.

Felicity turns to look at Noel who is playing with an empty box. She nods at him to not do that.

Cut to hotel.

Dad motions for mom to pick up the extention.

Dad: Felicity?

Mom: Sweetie, I know we said this before. We didn't mean to surprise you like that.

Felicity: No, I know. It's ok. (cut to Felicity) But I--I was thinking, maybe, uh, tomorrow, before we go meet with Papaleo, maybe you guys would want to come by the dorm. (cut to hotel) You know, and see where I'm living now.

Mom: We'd love that.

Dad: Just tell us when.

Felicity: 2:00? 5th Avenue and 10th Street. Ok. Um...well, I'll see you guys tomorrow then. Bye. (hangs up) Well, they're coming.

Noel: (playing with a snow-globe) I can't wait.

Felicity: What?

Noel: To meet the people that made you.

Felicity laughs. The door opens and in walks Megan.

Felicity: Oh, Megan! (cut to Megan in her closet) Excuse me, Megan. Feel free to say no to this, obviously, but, parents are coming by tomorrow, and they're a little prepossessed to hate this place. So anyway, I was curious, if you wouldn't mind and don't take this personally, um, just for tomorrow, maybe, um, putting away a few of your skulls?

Megan: (thinks for a moment) No. (puts on her jacket)

Felicity: No, really?

Megan leaves

Noel: She's got a point.

~~~~~~~~~~ ACT ONE ~~~~~~~~~~ Dorm hallway.

Felicity leads her Mom and Dad to her room.

Mom: This is nice, don't you think?

Felicity: It's not -- it's not usually this loud.

Dad: That beer smell doesn't bother you?

Mom: I don't think that's beer.

Dad: It's beer.

Felicity: (unlocks door) I think that's actually the shampoo they use on those rugs. This is me. (opens door)

Enter Felicity's room. The parents look around. Felicity: So...this is it.

Dad: Who, um....

Felicity: Megan. Oh, she's a total freak. She's seriously weird. But we get along great.

Megan's closet opens, and Megan steps out. Felicity and her parents look at her.

Felicity: and dad, this is Megan.

Megan: Think I'm weird? You're the one who wears "Hush Puppies." (leaves)

Mom: She seems, um....

Felicity: It's just that difficult period. You know, where your're getting to know everyone. Just takes awhile.

Dad: You got a nice view. (walking to Megan's side of the room) You should clean the window.

Felicity: Yeah, I will. So what do you think? Now that you've seen it?

Mom: It's a lot bigger then I expected.

Felicity: I know. Can you believe how much I lucked out? I mean, most people have these closet-sized rooms.

Her parents continue to look at Megan's stuff. Someone knocks on the door.

Felicity: Come it.

The door opens, and Noel pops his head in.

Noel: Hey, uh, when do the overbearing parents get here?

He looks over to see her parents standing there looking at him.

Noel: You -- you can't posssibly know, how--how I feel, having said that.

Felicity: This is Noel. He's the, uh.....resident advisor on the floor. And -- And these are my, uh --

Dad: (to Noel) You work here?

Felicity: My parents

Noel: I-I'm a sophmore student as well as Felicity's uh,.....I'm *so*.... horrifying apologetic for that -- that, transgression.

Mom: It's ok.

Noel: No. No. It's really not. You should know those were my words, and -- and not Felicity's.That was -- you know, that was my interpretation --

Felicity: (annoyed) Noel, drop it.

Noel: (nervously smiles) This is a pretty bad impression of me.

Larry: (o.c) Noel! Noel!

Noel: Uh, what? I'm -- I'm in here. (turns to the open door) Larry walks into the room carrying a knife.

Larry: Look. Look at this. (points to the knife) You told me that Lewis doesn't want to kill me.

Noel: That -- that's what he told me, Larry.

Felicity's parent become uncomfortable.

Larry: Well, he's taken the first step.

Noel: (sighs) Well, I'll.I'm going....I'll talk to him.

Larry: Yeah, I think you better.

Noel: Ok.

Felicity looks in shock

Noel nervously chuckles as he looks at Felicity's parents. A bell rings.

Mom: What's that?

Felicity: I don't know?

Noel: It's -- it's just a fire alarm. They happen all the time. You'll see. It almost never means there's an actual blaze. (bell continues to ring) Although we should evacuate, uh, in an orderly fashion.

Dad leads mom out of the room.

They exit the room, as the parents pass Noel.

Noel: Look, I'm really sorry about my earlier comment

Dad: Let it go. (he continues to leave) Noel leans against the wall. Felicity passes him and glares at him as she leaves. The students continue to exit. Noel directs a student to follow the rest.

Papaleo (Advisor): The, uh, politics between parents and their's complicated. (cut to office) You know, the same thing with me and my folks, so I'm not going to presume that we can, um, solve anything here. I'm just trying to give all of you a safe place to hear each other out. (to Dad) You said yesterday, you were looking for answers, so why don't you start off by asking some questions.

Dad: Well, it's very simple, we never insisted. We never laid down an ultimatum, but since I can remember you wanted to go to Stanford. You were going to be a doctore. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, you have to be in New York. You're not even sure if you're going to be premed anymore. And I guess, my question is...that if you were sitting where we are...would you understand what your daughter was up to?

Felicity: (exhales) There was a guy from high school who....I sort of had feelings for. And...he was going to a college in New York.

Mom: You came here for a boy?

Felicity: Well, initially.

Dad: Your're going to scrap Stanford University because of a crush?

Papaleo: I don't this young man is the reason Felicity has chosen to stay.

Felicity: Look, yeah. I...came here because of Ben, but I'm staying because of me.

Dad: Were we being too controlling?

Felicity: No.

Mom: Well, then what was it?

Felicity: You know how we go out to dinner on Tuesdays? It's our thing. Just the two of us, we've done it forever. And I love that. But I was eating dinner the other night in the cafeteria. I was -- I was eating a hamburger. And -- and it occurred to me that it was a Tuesday. And suddenly....this is going to sound stupid, um....

Mom: No say it.

Felicity: (exhales) Well, was the best hamburger. You know. Not -- not because I wasn't with you. But because I was here, on my own. You know?

Cut to Mom slowly getting hurt

Dad: You're feeling the rush of independence, that's -- that's wonderful. But you don't have move all the way to New York to have a burger on your own terms.

Felicity: I don't know what it is. I just think, for some reason, being here is important.

Mom: (upset) You know I agree. I think it is important. In fact, I think it's so important, I don't see why you're so interested in coming home for Thanksgiving.

Felicity: What do you mean?

Mom: I think that if your decision is to stay in New York, you should stay in New York.

Dad: Barbara? Mom: I didn't know Tuesdays were such a problem for you.

Felicity: I didn't say they were a problem.

Mom: I wouldn't have wasted all that time if I'd had known how embarassed it made you.

Felicity: I'd never been embarassed.

Mom: And I never meant to be overbearing.

Papaleo: I think all Felicity is saying is that she finally --

Mom: I understand what she's saying. I'm -- I'm gonna go back to the hotel, you can stay if you like. (leaves)

Dad: Barbara. Barbara. Will you sit down please? Mom leaves the office. The three sit in silence.

Dad: She' just......excuse me. (leaves)

Cut to door opening.

Julie steps out into the hall. Ben walks to her.

Ben: So you got the guitar.

Julie: (nerved) Yeah.

Ben: Yeah. What is it, a Martin?

Julie: Um, no. It's got the same wood, though.

Ben: Yeah.

Julie: I couldn't really afford (closes the door) the real thing.

Ben: So how's it been going? I haven't, uh, really seen you around.

Julie: Yeah, I've just been trying to figure out my schedule like everyone.

Ben: And when your not playing guitar. (smiles)

Julie laughs

Ben: So are you -- are you avoiding me or...?

Julie: A little.

Ben: Yeah? Yeah. What is that? -- is that because of what happened with Felicity, or is it because of me?

Julie: It's not you. (pauses) It's....not Felicity either. I gotta go. (leaves)

Ben: You gotta go? (steps aside)

Julie: Yeah, I'll see you around, ok?

Ben: Yeah, but that doesn't mean I never get to hear you play though?

Julie turns around. Julie: Oh, I'm sure you'll be unlucky enough to hear that. (smiles and leaves)

Heather Nova : Good Enough

Hey, your glass is empty

Felicity sits in an empty cafeteria.

It's a hell of a long way home. Why don't you let me take you..

Julie walks up to the cafeteria entrance and sees Felicity.

It's not good to go alone.

Felicity sits thinking, and Julie comes around the table

I never would have opened up

Felicity looks up to see Julie

Just seems so real to me

Julie: Whatdaya doing?

After all the..

Felicity: I just had that meeting with my parents.

Julie sits down

She doesn't expect it from me.

Felicity: I've never seen my mom like that.

Don't tell me I haven't been good to you.

Julie: How'd you leave it?

Don't tell me I never been there for you.

Felicity: My dad said we're supposed to have dinner tonight. Don't tell me why nothing is good enough Felicity: And try again. She was just so angry at me. When I told them why I came here..God you should have seen her face. It was like I stabbed her in the heart.

The door is open come on inside.

Julie: They just feel rejected.

No I can't come up to you. Felicity: What do you mean?

It's not the wind that cried to you. Julie: Your parents just never expected you to break off on your own, and...they're freaking out because they feel like your rejecting all their plans.

Whose there to make you so afraid. Shaken to the bone

Julie:Yeah, I sort of have the reverse problem. My parents have always expected me to break off on my they work overtime to keep me happy.

Felicity: What do you mean, your parents always knew you'd leave?

So don't tell me never been good to you. Don't tell me why I've never been there for you.

Julie: It's complicated. It's not that complicated. They're my adoptive parents.

Don't you know the why. Simply not good enough.

Julie: I mean, I love them, so you don't have to feel sorry for me.

Felicity: No, I don't.

And I will be good to you

Julie: They're great. They're my mom and my dad. Just let me try, and I will be there for you. And I'll show you why. Julie: Oh, I always make such a big deal out of this. It's really nothing. (sighs)

Felicity: What?

Whose there to make you so afraid. Shaken to the bone.

Julie: What they don't know. What I haven't told anyone...

Don't understand, deserve so much from you.

Julie: is that I found out my birth mom's name last year, and she lives in New York.

So don't tell me why it's never been good to you.

Felicity: Is....I mean, that's not why you came here.

Don't tell me why it's never been there for you. Don't you know the why is simply not good enough.

Julie: (looks up at here) They'd be really hurt if they found out.

Just let me try, and I will be there for you.

Felicity: I won't say anything.

And I will be good to you.

Julie: I know.

Just let me try, and I will be there for you. I'll show you why, there's so much more..

Felicity: God...I feel all grown up.

...good enough....

Julie: Me too.

~~~~~~~~~~ EPILOGUE ~~~~~~~~~~ Women's Washroom.

A distored view of Noel can be seen through the window.

Noel: Felicity?

Cut to Felicity doing here makeup

Felicity: Yeah?

Noel: Is there anyone else in there? I mean, besides you?

Girl in Stall: Yeah! (toliet flushes)

Noel: I just wanted to apoligize again for what I did.

Felicity: You were just being honest.

Noel: Maybe, but I swear to God, it was one of the dumbest things I've ever done. So did they say anything about me?

The girl opens the door.

Girl: It's all yours. (leaves)

Noel: Thanks. (walks in) So they hated me, right? Your parents.

Felicity: They didn't hate you.

Noel: But they didn't say that.

Felicity: I think in their minds, you were just one more piece of straw in this whole miserable haystack. (looks into the mirror and sighs) Do I look ok?

Noel: (surprised) Uh-huh.

She takes another look in the mirror.

Cut to Dad walking down the hallway to Felicity's room.

Noel: Dr. Porter. (he turns to look at Noel) Uh, Noel.

Dad: I remember.

Noel: I just, uh....wanted to say once again that I'm -- I'm really regretful.

Dad: (smiles) You're the resident advisor.

Noel: Yes, sir.

Dad: Is she ok here?

Noel: I think, um, I think that she's uh, you know, like a chick.

Dad: A chick?

Noel: Yeah -- oh, -- a -- a baby chicken. I was -- I was going to use a metaphor.

Dad: No, don't use metaphors. Just tell me is she alright.

Noel: Yeah. Yes. I think she is. I know this probably doesn't mean anything, but...I'm -- I'm looking out for her. And if it ever gets difficult, I'll do whatever I can, uh, to make it better.

Dad: That knife thing work out ok?

Felicity walks down the hall toward them

Noel: Oh yeah. Um, yeah, it's under control. It'll be fine.

Dad: Good. Thanks.

Noel: Sure.

Dad turns to Felicity.

Felicity: Hi.

Dad: Hi.

Felicity: Where's mom?

Dad: Uh, she wasn't feeling well.

Felicity: (upset) Oh.

Dad: You ready?

Felicity: Yeah.

They leave

Cut to resturant.

They sit at an elegant table.

Dad: I don't want to keep having the same discussion everytime I see you.

Felicity: I know.

Dad: I'm really trying to understand. (exhales) I don't want you here. I want you at Stanford. But what the hell am I doing fighting you on this. It's your life...not mine. Hard as it is for someone like me to swallow. Ok, I'm going to make one last attempt here. Are you sure you want to stay in New York?

Felicity: I think so

Dad: Ok....well, I think we should talk about how you're going to do that. I mean, practically. If you'd attended Stanford, I was prepared to pay for your tuition. Which I'm still prepared to do.

Felicity: (surprised) What?

Dad: But I -- I want to be fair. If you'd stayed at home, room and board wouldn't have been an additional expense, so....I think you should be responsible for that. You think that's fair?

Felicity: Dad, you don't have to do that. I mean, this is my decision.

Dad: I know. I didn't get to where I am in life not to send my one daughter through college.

Felicity: Dad...

Dad: It's important to me.

Felicity: Thank you.(smiles)

Dad: Your welcome.

Cut to Felicity in Papaleo's office.

Felicity: I remember thunderstorms, when I was little. I'd be lying in bed, just....terrified.

Cut to hotel. Mr. Porter on the telephone. Mrs. Porter packs her things. She pauses to look at one of her shirts.

Mr. Porter: (on phone) No, I can still make it in today. You wnat to pick us up...

Felicity: And my mom would come in. She'd crawl into my bed, stroke my hair, and tell me that it was going to be ok.

Cut to parents in hotel lobby

Felicity: She'd help me fall asleep when I was scared.

Cut to parents leaving hotel

Felicity: (o.c.) It's silly, but...I guess, I expected she'd always do that.

Mrs. Porter stops and looks down.

Felicity: I just don't understand it, why she's so hurt that I'm here.

Cut to Felicity

Felicity: She was the one who always understood me.

Cut to Mr. and Mrs. Porter in the limo.

Felicity: But I guess, this is how it happens...growing up.

Cut to Mrs. Porter walking through the opening elevator. Stepping out she looks around. She knocks on Felicity's door.

Felicity: This must.....just be what it feels like.

Mrs. Porter knocks again. She tries to open the door, but it's locked.

Cut to Julie's room.

Julie sits on her chair playing her guitar. She looks up to see Mrs. Porter.

Mrs. Porter: Excuse me, do you know Felicity Porter?

Julie: Yeah.

Felicity: You've never had (cut to Felicity) a student who know..gulity... just about growing up, have you?

Papaleo just smiles.

Cut to Felicity leaving his office. Mrs. Porter stands up and catches Felicity's attention. She turns around.

Felicity: I thought you were going home.

Mrs. Porter: Come here. (extends her hand)

Felicity goes to her. They sit down.

Mrs. Porter: (exhales) I met your father when I was very young, which is why I had that reaction. When you said you'd followed a boy to college, it sounded so familiar. I mean, I had you when I was 20 years old...which I wouldn't trade for anything, all those visions I had for my life. All the dreams you think might possibly one day materialize, they all start disappearing one by one...of course...none of which is your fault. You know I didn't mean those things I said. I lived for those Tuesday dinners with you.

Felicity: I liked them too.

Mrs. Porter: I think they were a little too important for me. Here's the thing, I don't know what it's going to be like now....without you at home. Not just for me alone.

Felicity: What do you mean?

Mrs. Porter: I'm a little terrified, but more then anything, I'm proud of my brave daughter, who I can't wait to see on Thanksgiving.

Cut to Ben approaching them. Mrs. Porter turns around

Ben: Hey.

Felicity: (not looking at him) Hi. How's it going?

Ben: It's good. It's good. I, uh...(smiles) I got that, I got your essay that you sent me.

Felicity: (embarassed) Oh, uh -- huh.

Ben: Yeah, you wrote about me.

Felicity: Yeah, Yeah, I did. (smiles)

Mrs. Porter: (whispers to Felicity) I'm going to leave.

Felicity: No, stay. This is Ben. (Mrs. Porter turns to shake his hand) This is my mom.

Ben: Hi. Mrs. Porter: Very nice to meet you.

Ben: Yeah, it's nice to meet you. (to Felicity) So....I'll see ya.

Felicity: Yeah. I'll -- I'll see ya

Ben: Ok. (walks off)

They watch him leave. Mrs. Porter: He's cute.

Felicity: Yeah.

Move me.

Cut to Mr. Porter waiting.

Don't try.

Cut to Mrs. Porter and Felicity walking

Let the music

Mr. Porter sees them coming

Reach me tonight

Cut to Felicity outside limo

Push me

Cut to Felicity and her dad hugging

Into something new. I've been riding all day on a bus Just to listen to you. I love, I love, I love, I love the look.

Felicity and her mom hug

In your tresspassed eyes...yeah. I love, I love, I love, I love the can make me cry. Oh, yeah, yeah..without a sound.

Mrs. Porter gets into the limo. Felicity smiles and waves

Ooh...ooh...oh..without a sound....yeah...yeah....yeah..yeah...

The limo leaves. Felicity watchs it go.