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Formula for peace: ☮=♥☺2

☮ = peace, freedom from war; sustained calm and tranquility.
♥ = love, a state characterized by care, compassion and consideration.
☺ = happiness, a state characterized by pleasure, contentment, or joy.

☮=♥☺2 means peace equals love times happiness squared. Happiness squared means caring about others, sharing in their joys and spreading good will, regardless of opposing affiliation, difference or indifference. It means the greatest act of selfishness is selflessness and it works on the basic fundamental principle that a rising tide raises all ships. It means, treat others with dignity and respect because “The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'” Matthew 25:40

But our most immediate concern, our current plight, is that there is no longer a sustainable path to the future in a world where there is no peace. Spreading good will without love leads to sectarianism, division; and this invariably leads to conflict and war. But when we can learn to be inclusive, when our decisions include everyone, when everyone’s success is shared by everyone else and no one is left behind, then at last we can begin to develop sustainable methods of ensuring lasting peace and tranquility. Both our long-term survival on Earth and our smooth transition to an interplanetary species depend on it.

Thus, peace equals love times happiness squared.

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Afterwords, from A Thousand and One Appalachian Tales
On the origin of the idea and the elegance of the International Peace Trail to assist in the solution to the seven major problems facing the world today: war, hunger, lack of education (ignorance,) poverty, pollution, extinction and disease.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Fresh from his service in the United States Air Force, free thinker and iconoclast adventurer Düg Fresh soon found himself heading north on a 2,100 mile footpath that extends from Georgia to Maine. Seeking to find meaning and direction to his life after the horrific suicide of a close friend, he set out on an epic vision quest for something more. This journey took him to Europe, to Texas and finally to the internationally-renowned Appalachian Trail. Düg is also the author of The Fictionary: A vocabulous flexicon of jocu-molecular jingo and colloquialiscious flapinations, available on Amazon, and hopes to one day walk around the world on the International Peace Trail.

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