Here it is, all over again but even better!

The Fictionary: A vocabulous flexicon of jocu-molecular jingo and colloquialiscious flapinations in the key of G, again! by DŁg Fresh ©Copyright 2013

The Fictionary 2nd edition is still available for purchase! Collect them all!!


Not enough? Need More?!


I am very excited and pleased to announce that The Fictionary: A vocabulous flexicon of jocumolecular jingo and colloquialicious flapinations in the key of G by DŁg Fresh is now available for purchase! It can be purchased online at iUniverse, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble or by special order at your local bookstore.

Please support us so that we may continue to publish more material. Future projects include The Fresh Digest, Peaks in the Landscape: A Selection of Fresh Haiku, and A Thousand and One Appalachian Tales. All proceeds will go towards my retirement, so that I may devote my full attention to the development of The International Peace Trail Project.

Note: archived herein is an old, first edition of The Fictionary.

First begun in 09187, The Fictionary has since grown in size and content! We maintain this version for historical purposes only. It is no longer updated regularly here on the web.

However, The Fictionary Second Edition is now available, with over 200 new words! To purchase please visit one of the booksellers mentioned above. All proceeds go towards retirement. Please make check or money order payable to Douglas Page.

The Fictionary is a collection of original material produced and compiled by our web master and field correspondent, DŁg Fresh. Similar to the Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce, the Fictionary is for Korzybski fans everywhere! Celebrate The Big Goof and expand your vocabularity with the freshest Glossary in town!

If you are a publisher and are interested in publishing the Fictionary or would like more information please contact us through our E-mail edress.



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