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NERDS™ express the view that Information can be viewed as Negative Entropy, or Negentropy, and that this is always increasing. Furthermore, it upholds that, Negentropy is increasing exponentially and will reach the limit of infinity, also known as the singularity or white hole in time, around the year 02070 CE. Everything is composed of information and this information may be expressed as a series of zeros and ones. Therefore Negentropy is a fundamental component of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

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Primes Numbers get hitched. Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann, the Riemann Zeta Function, and Prime Numbers. Click here to learn more.

Prime Numbers Get Hitched

"There is an important sequence of numbers called "the moments of the Riemann zeta function." Although we know abstractly how to define it, mathematicians have had great difficulty explicitly calculating the numbers in the sequence. We have known since the 1920s that the first two numbers are 1 and 2, but it wasn't until a few years ago that mathematicians conjectured that the third number in the sequence may be 42—a figure greatly significant to those well-versed in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."
Yes, Toto, the answer really is 42!

The Double-Helix Pattern of Prime Number Growth

The Gordian Knot by Chris Sobolowski ©Copyright 2003

Art Exhibits

©Copyright 06/09/02003 Fresh Ink
Art Exhibits is a verb. A delight. Arrangements serve to bring freshness where before was only stale regurgitations. But sometimes we must break new ground, walk where others fear to tread. For this there can be no assistance from the old, no reliance on tradition or the interia of what has come before. In this regard, I heartily encourage you to take a visit to to discover something truly wonderful and original.

Chris is a friend I have made through the Hudson Valley GO Club, a club which meets weekly at Borders to play GO, the oldest game in the world. He does not mention he is an artist and one day sends me an email saying he is having an exhibition. Well! Paint me blown away!!! This guy's stuff is not only totally awesome but also blazingly fresh and original. He has truly found the undiscovered country.

Furthermore, each painting is like a carefully crafted magic spell - for interwoven through each are special "incantations"... For instance, are you familiar with Frank Herbert's Litany against Fear from Dune? Well, check out this! Woven in expanding circles from a central droplet from the pinneal "third eye" is the entire litany!!! Absolutely amazing, eh? Then there's the Daughters of Memory This exhibits the nine muses entwined in a scarlet ribbon which reads "there are not many women with one face but one woman with many faces." (or something to that extent) Then there's his mega-materpiece, The Gordian Knot! This is in the design of an ancient Greek urn like the one in the center of the painting. This tells the story of the Gordian Knot and the prophecy of how whomever solves the riddle of the knot will rule all of Persia and how Alexander the Great "solved" the riddle by cutting the knot in half (thus representing how reductionism or science has taken mystery from the world, as represented by the unbroken knot) In the painting the three representations of woman (as a child, as a mother, and as an old crone) and the owl of wisdom are rebuilding the urn which represents the Gordian Knot and the return of mystery to the world... Also, the painting itself, representing a flattened out urn, symbolizes the breaking of the Gordian Knot and along the top and bottom it says "...East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet, Till Earth and Sky stand presently at God's great Judgment Seat. .."

These pieces are so awesome that I haven't even mentioned The Master of Go, The Alphabet and the Goddess, or The Oracle of Delphi...

In the Alphabet and the Goddess is represented the struggle between language and image. Before the printed word and language, Religion was represented by images. As images are essentially open to interpretation, nobody went to war over religion. But then as language evolved and "Holy Books" were written, suddenly there was the devisive defintions of words and Religion was no longer succeptible to interpretation but to the tyranny of the word. And from this has sprung war and suffering as no one can agree on which collection or arrangement of words is the correct one. The painting expresses the idea that we must find balance and harmony with words and images if we are to continue to evolve...

The Alphabet and the Goddess by Chris Sobolowski ©Copyright 2001

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