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Harbinger, ship, 751 tons, sailed from Plymouth on 16 October 1848 and arrived at Port Jackson (Sydney) on 12 February 1849. It seems likely that her voyage originated in Calais (refer Tulle, August 1997, p.25). Her Captain was Master V M Sampson. She carried a crew of 38, a Surgeon Superintendent (Dr Barnes), 48 married men, 48 married women, 69 single men, 35 single women, 39 boys, 42 girls, 2 male infants and 4 infant girls.

Harriet Thackaway, aged 36, died suddenly on the day the vessel sailed from Plymouth because of suspected heart disease. Three infants died from unspecified, non-contagious infantile infections. There were five births during the voyage.

John Wragg (possibly Ragg), 23, the son of Amos and Martha Wragg of Loughborough, and his wife, Mary Ann Selby, daughter of Benjamin Selby and Jane Wilkins Archer of Radford, arrived on the this voyage of Harbinger. Mary Ann stated she had relatives in the Colony, viz. her uncle, Frederick Archer. Mary Ann, had a brother named Frederick; Frederick named one of his daughters Jane, so it seems most likely that Jane Wilkins Selby, nee Archer, was Frederickís sister, but Bert Archer hasnít recorded this. Is there a link with the Selby family who came on the Harpley?

William Bown also arrived on the Harbinger in 1849. His parents, John and Sarah, as well as four siblings, had arrived at Adelaide aboard the Harpley on Saturday, 2 September 1848.



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