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YWAM Taphraya

Taphraya District is located on the Thai-Cambodian border. Taphraya was the site of two large refugee camps in the 801s. Youth With A Mission worked in both of these camps, Site 2 in the north and Khao-I-Dang in the south, until the refugees were repatriated back to their own countries. Since that time a church consisting mainly of ethnic Northern Khmer (Cambodian) people has been established in the district. YWAM is continuing to work with the church to strengthen and develop local leadership and is assisting in the areas of discipleship and income development.

Ministry Involvement

Our aim is to work with God in establishing His church so it can function well without external financial assistance. Aside from the ongoing role of discipling, we have started a sewing project for village women with the aim of producing quality school uniforms which can be sold both locally and in other districts in the province. We have also established a fund for micro-enterprise development. This is available for both Christians and non-Christians, depending upon needs and circumstances.

YWAM is also involved in job creation and training. This includes cloth weaving, flower raising and various projects aimed primarily at women and children on the Thai­Cambodian border. The goal is to help them by able to support themselves, while at the same time sharing the love of God with them. If you would like to know more about our ministry in Taphraya, please write to us.

YWAM Taphraya
P.O. Box 34, Taphraya
Sa Kaeo 27180

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