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Okinawa 1977 in Seijiro Maehara's dojo

There have been a number of people in my life time who call themselves fighters just because they live in a point fighting world. However, if you call point fighting a real fight, then you live in a fantasy world and only your reflection in the mirror have you fooled. To real fighters, point fighters are a joke, because they think after having some success in karate tournaments they really know how too fight. Even those misguided karate teachers who teach their students watered down techniques that will get someone seriously hurt or killed against a life threating attack.

However, don't get me wrong, point fighters are very successful in the business market for getting students and making little Johny parents believe that their child can defend themselves. However, this works two ways, more money or less students, you be the judge. The average point fighter never had a real fight in their life, especially the ones who just received their black belts, but they are going to teach you how to fight, I don't think so.

If you really look at a point fighter in general, they wouldn't be able to take a street fighters punch and a real confrontation. I'm talking about the bad ass battle tested street fighters who doesn't give of shit about anybody even the cops. They are use to fighting without gear all day ever day, so what the hell are you going to do point fighter when that hard shot to the head connects? I know, run like hell. There are no rules on the street for padded point fighters, only a severe butt whipping or maybe loss of life. I would take anybody whose been training in boxing for 2-years, and put them into the ring with a padded point fighter whose been training for 15-20 years, "WHY"? Because the point fighter will do nothing but run and tap tap tap, until the boxer close in taking all the point fighter love taps, just to deliver a body shot or knockout.

Real fighters give their students a chance in real life situations when it comes to street survival techniques against the everyday street fighter. They teach their students to attack the eyes, throat, groin, bridge of the nose and the knees to stop there advancement. Point fighters tell their students to double and triple roundhouse kick to the head leaving their groin exposed to a counter attack. Real fighters teach their students to use low front and side kicks to the midsection to lower the guard of their attacker, so they could throw punches over the top. Point fighters tell their students when nothing else works, start doing jumping kicks like you see in the movies, because the street fighter will never see them coming, "yeah right". Real fighters will never never never, tell their students to do jumping kicks in a street survival confrontation for one, the street fighter will be moving around at all times something he mastered on the streets or in jail. If you misjudge your jump kicks, the ground will be your worse enemy after you hit it, and your life will belong to the street fighter.

I have been training in Karate for 41-years and Kobudo 37-years, and do I consider myself a fighter? "Hell yeah". I was a boxer for 2-years at the (P.A.L.) Police Athletic League where I learned to really take a punch from 1972-74. I trained on Okinawa, Japan from 1977-79 where every fight was a full contact fight. As a U.S. Marine for 4-years, I had some fights that I'm not very proud of, but all the same, they were fights. I just completed 24-years as a Philadelphia police officer, and in those 24-years, I been in several shootings, shot in the line of duty and attacked a number of times as a narcotics officer in some tought life threating situations. I been in more than 150 or more hand to hand combat fights with drug dealers, robbers, people on drugs, wife beaters, girlfriend beaters, and males wanted for homicide with nothing to lose, hell yeah I'm a fighter are you.

Point fighters believe if you are a good fighter in tournaments, a street fight would be a walk in the park. What little do they know, when reality sets in, they will be saying, "Oh Shit" what have I got myself into. Now here is something to think about point fighters, just because a real fighters never competes in tournaments as fighters, don't be fooled by this, because there's no realization in combat. Real fighters believes in the knockout or inflicking pain which tournaments will not allow unless you are part of the MMA or Kyokushinkai fighter.

Real fighters will teach their students to run like hell if approached by an attacker with a knife or gun using the environment around them. Point fighters will tell their students no problem, if an attacker has a knife or gun, you use one of your spinning kicks to knock it out of their hands, yeah right, you're "DEAD". Remember point fighters, these are students you are brainwashing into believing they could actually disarm a knife or gun attacker.

I have trained everyday as though my life depends on it, and if you are a real fighter, I know you are training just as hard as I am. And for the point fighters, keep lying to yourself, because reality will come knocking very soon.

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