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Mary Elizabeth Smith & Leroy F. Corley

Mary "Dicey" Elizabeth Smith b. 3 Apr 1838/44 Johnson Co., AR d. 17 Nov 1879 Buried: Hamilton Cemetery, Lamar, Johnson Co., AR Father: Daniel Smith Mother: Anquilla Lee

1st marriage: 17 Oct 1859 Clarksville, Johnson Co., AR

2nd marriage: 6 Sep 1867 Johnson Co., AR

3rd marriage: 10 Sep 1885 Johnson Co., AR

1st husband: Leroy F. Corley b. 22 Oct 1834 AL ( d. 19 Apr 1863 Union Army, Fayetteville, Washington Co., AR Father: James Corley Mother: Martha Williams

2nd marriage: Thomas Jefferson Hamilton (tombstone) b. 3 Apr 1833 AL d. 17 Nov 1879 (PVT Co. A 4th AR CAV Civil War) Logan Co., AR Buried: Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Subiaco, Logan Co., AR Father: Thomas Hamilton (SC) Mother: Jane (SC)

T.J. Hamilton's 2nd wife: Adah Hamilton b. 15 Mar 1838 d. 17 Apr 1881 Buried: Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Subiaco, Logan Co., AR (cemetery registry)

3rd marriage: John Higgins b. 1844 d. 1889 Buried: Catalpa Cemetery, Catalpa Community, near Oark, Johnson Co., AR Father: Hanson Higgins Mother: Louisa Elizabeth J. Hunter

Children of Leroy F. Corley & Dicey Elizabeth Smith

Martha L. Corley b. 15 Dec 1860 Johnson Co., AR d. ?

William L. Corley b. 13 Dec 1863 Johnson Co., AR d. ? Married: 11 Jul 1886, Logan Co., AR

Wife: Dicey A. Higgins b. 1868 (lived in Creole, AR) d. 1944 Ozark, Franklin Co., AR Buried: Carpenter Cemetery, Ozark, Franklin Co., AR Father: John Higgins Mother: Sarah J. Howard

2nd marriage: 18 Jan 1891

2nd Husband: Henry H. Jones b. 1868 d. 1939 Buried: Carpenter Cemetery, Ozark, Franklin Co., AR Father: X Jones Mother: Elizabeth X

Children of Thomas Jefferson Hamilton & Dicey Elizabeth Smith-Corley

Mary Elizabeth Hamilton b. 1868 Johnson Co., AR d. 1954 Logan Co., AR [tombstone] Married: 24 Oct 1886, Logan Co., AR. Buried: Caulksville Cemetery, Caulksville, Logan Co., AR

Husband: Robert B. Trusty b. 1866 d. 1948 Buried: Caulksville Cemetery, Logan Co., AR Father: Hansel B. Trusty Mother: Martha D. Hardy

James Allen Hamilton b. 8 May 1871 Logan Co., AR d. 10 Sep 1957 Logan Co., AR. Married: 6 Oct 1895. Buried: Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Logan Co., AR

Wife: Geneva Caroline Plunkett b. 22 Apr 1876 d. 23 May 1939 Logan Co., AR Buried: Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Logan Co., AR Father: Sheridan Wesley Plunkett Mother: Mahalia Catherine Laferry

Ellen A. Hamilton b. 1 Mar 1874 Logan Co., AR d. 9 Feb 1906 (tombstone) Buried: Ellsworth Cemetery, Subiaco, Logan Co., AR

1st marriage: 27 Jul 1893 Logan Co., AR

Husband: James Houston "Hugh" Towery b. 7 Aug 1870 (tombstone) Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN d. 12 Sep 1949 Buried: Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, LA Co., CA Father: Henry Martin Towery Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Shelly

2nd marriage: 9 Dec 1906 Logan Co., AR

2nd Wife: Annie Stockton b. Mar 1876 Franklin Co., AR d. ? Buried: ? Father: Stockton Mother:

3rd marriage: 7 Jul 1909 Logan Co., AR

3rd Wife: Ella Norah Sharp b. 28 Sep 1877 Logan Co., AR d. 4 Mar 1966 Los Angeles, LA Co., CA Buried: Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, LA Co., CA Father: Spencer R. Sharp (MO) Mother: Julia Ann Fink more on rootsweb

Albert James Hamilton b. 17 Dec 1877 Logan Co., AR d. 7 Feb 1962 Married: 14 Mar 1897, Logan Co., AR Buried: Elizabeth Hall Cemetery, Logan Co., AR

Wife: Anna M. Smith b. 29 Oct 1879 OH d. 3 Dec 1960 Buried: Elizabeth Hall Cemetery, Logan Co., AR Father: Richard M. Smith Mother: Margaret A. Sweeney

Eden Adar Hamilton b. 1 Mar 1878 Logan Co., AR d. 17 Apr 1881 Logan Co., AR

Lamar, Johnson County, AR is east of Clarksville, AR. Lamar is a small town of a few hundred folk that mainly live in "country", & farm land. Oark is a beautiful drive up a mountain, zigzag roads, where in summer it is cooler, and many rivers fork, and farm land. It is still a tiny community. They hold bluegrass music at the local restaurant on the back porch and sometimes in the back of a truck. There are some real "back folk" in the mountains. There are some Higgins family still live up there. Subiaco is south of Clarksville, over the Arkansas River bridge to Scranton, with farms lining the roads to Subiaco Abbey.

Marriage information in Johnson Co., AR Book N, marriage book. Marriage information in Logan Co., AR in Logan Co., AR marriage books. Cemetery information from the Logan Co., AR tombstone project. Dicey E. Smith & T. J. Hamilton's marriage info. from Book N-O, page 156, Johnson Co., marriage records.

Susan Savannah Robinson father and mother were from Alabama.

Children of Thomas Hamilton b. 1787 SC d. aft 1850 & Jane b. 1793 SC d. aft 1850

Susana Hamilton b. 1825 AL

Julia A. Hamilton b. 1826 AL

William C. Hamilton b. 1828 AL

Thomas W. Hamilton b. 17 Aug 1833 AL

Martin V. Hamilton b. 17 Jan 1837 AL

Parents of John Higgins: Hanson Higgins & Louisa Elizabeth J. Hunter

Parents of Sarah J. Howard: Nathan Howard & Sarah Standiford

Children of John Higgins & Sarah J. Howard:

Nathan M. Higgins

Dicey A. Higgins

George Higgins

James Higgins

Sallie Higgins

Cassy Higgins

Kaleb Higgins

1850 USFC Itawamba Co., MS:

Leroy F. Corley b. 1838 AL, age 12

1860 USFC Clarksville, Johnson Co., AR:

Leroy Corley age 21

Dicey Corley age 16

Leroy F. Corley was enlisted in his fathers regiment, Union Company H, First Arkansas Infantry. He died of "congestion of the brain" at Fayetteville, Washington Co., AR, less than one month after he mustered out. From 200 Years Of Corley Generations, edited by Bill J. Corley and written by Alvin J. Corley, Pg 502. Also listed in the Union Army Soldier's Pension Application Index.

Thomas J. Hamilton served in the Union Army in Company A, 4th AR Calvary (Union Pension Application Rolls)

1860 USFC: LeRoy Corley b. abt 1839, residence: Johnson Co., AR

Arkansas Census, 1819-1870:

A. G. Hamilton b. 1838, & A. J. Hamilton b. 1838 Johnson Co., AR

1870 Federal Census, Clark Township, Johnson/Logan Co., AR:

Hamilton, Thomas J., 26, $800 - $400, AL

Dicy E., 26, AR

Mary E., 1, AR

Corley, Martha F., 9, AR

Corley, William L., 6, AR

Children of James Houston Towery & Ellen A. Hamilton

Elizabeth Belle L. Towery b. Jun 1895 Prairie View/Scranton, Logan Co., AR

Lawson M. Towery b. 7 Mar 1895 Prairie View, Logan Co., AR

Docia Marie Towery b. 21 Jul 1898 Prairie View, Logan Co., AR

Henry Mark Towery b. 12 Oct 1901 Prairie View, Logan Co., AR

Children of James Houston Towery & Annie Stockton

none known

Children of James Houston Towery & Ella Nora Sharp

Corada Towery b. 8 May 1912 Logan Co., AR

1880 USFC: Lee Twp., Johnson Co., AR:

John Higgins 35, b. GA

Elizabeth Higgins 37, keepinghouse, b. 1843, GA

Mary Higgins 11

Annie Higgins 7

Robert E. Higgins 5

Orie Higgins 2

USFC 1880: Clark Twp., Logan Co., Arkansas

David A. Smith 37, AR

Racheal Smith 30, TN

Jackson Smith 7

Anna Smith 2, b. 1878 Clark Twp., Logan Co., AR

Esther Smith 50

Nancy Smith 19

Milton Houser 23

1880 USFC: Clark, Logan, Arkansas

Father not shown, b. Alabama

Elizabeth Hamilton 36, born: AR

William Corley 16

Mary E. Hamilton 12

James A. Hamilton 9, b. 1876 AR

Ellen Hamilton 6

Albert Hamilton 4, b. AR [states relationship to head of household is sister]

Eder A. Hamilton 2

D. E. Sherril 23

The neighbors of the Smiths and Hamilton's in the Census Roster in Clark Twp., Logan Co., AR are identified:

Ephraim Copeland b. 1819 KY, HOH

wife, Elizabeth b. 1829 NC

Children listed:

Arbell Copeland b. 1853 AR

Mary b. abt 1857 AR

Ephram, b. abt 1859, son

Emily b. abt 1864, daughter, AR

Calley b. abt 1867 daughter, AR

Magdaline b. abt 1870, daughter

Also neighbor: N. Cravens b. abt 1839, HOH, & wife: Dehlia, b. abt 1840, AR

1910 USFC Logan Co., AR:

James H. Towery b. 1871, 31

Wife: Ella N. Towery, 32

Belle L. Towery, 15

Lawson Towery, 14

Dosie M. Towery, 11

Henry M. Towery, 9

1930 Logan Co., AR: Albert J. Hamilton b. abt 1877 wife: Anna

Some information on Corley's provided by Tom Laepple and Pamela Leonard.

Albert J. Hamilton b. abt 1877 Wife: Anna, residence: Logan Co., AR

James Towery's Father: Henry Towery b. abt 1844 NC. In 1850 lived in Whiteside Settlement, Rutherford Co., NC

1870 USFC Yell Co., AR:

Henry H. Jones, age 2, b. 1868

1880 Independence, Pope Co., AR:

Elizabeth Jones b. 1841, age 33, widowed

Henry Jones, age 11, b. 1868

Louis H. Jones, age 5, b. 1874

1920 USFC Yell Co., AR:

Henry H. Jones b. 1868 AR, age 53

Wife: Dicey Jones

William S. Lee & Dicey Ennis
Anquilla Lee & Daniel Smith
James Allen Hamilton & Geneva Caroline Plunkett
Hansel B. Trusty & Martha D. Hardy
Robert B. Trusty & Mary Elizabeth Hamilton
James Corley & Martha Williams
James Pinkerton Corley & Mary Francis Cunningham
James Rains Lee & Pilinah E. Corley

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