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This year's visit to Camp Sequassen was a hit for everyone!

Within our troop, we try to go on at least one campout a month; sometimes we do more, and it is rare when we go on none. All the boys have fun times on our campouts, where responsibility, safety, and (of course!) having fun are the priorities. Our campout for the month of April is a trip to Poundridge Reservation. This is a fun site in which we will be able to sleep in lean-tos and explore the outdoors for the entire day. Historically, this has been one of the best campouts ever.

In addition, we have camping trips planned for future times and places; we also have proper sleep-outs, where Scouts can sleep overnight in tents outside under the stars.

The greatest opportunity that Scouts have for advancement is during the week that Troop 53 spends at summer camp every summer. Until recently, we went to Camp Mattatuck, but as of last summer we switched to Camp Sequassen. We plan on going back to Sequassen this summer, and the camp has many good facilities, including a riflery range, an archery range, a very large lake fed by an underground spring, and more. The accomodations are nice, ranging from platform tents to lean-tos and cabins. The above photograph was taken at last summer's visit to Sequassen.

In addition to Scout Camp, boys will have a chance of a lifetime this summer. Troop 53 is planning on going to Alaska during the summer of the year 2000. We are currently accepting applications from Troop members who wish to go. While on this trip, we will do many things...

Alaska High Adventure

Alaska is the adventure in all of us. It's big-scale, fresh, bold, and awesome. It's mountains, glaciers, bears, moose, eagles...

This is your opportunity to stretch yourself to the limit -- to experience Alaska -- to plan, anticipate, and accomplish while others only dream. You too can participate in the challenge, teamwork, travel, and lasting memories of an Alaskan Adventure -- a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The Alaska Adventure

The basic trip is six days in a remote and isolated base camp fishing for King Salmon, backpacking, exploring, and panning for gold, followed by five days of touring Alaska by motorhomes, with two days in Anchorage and a full travel day to and from Alaska. This all adds up to fourteen days of non-stop adventure!

After a nine-hour flight and a day of catching our breath seeing the sight of Anchorage, we will climb aboard a light aircraft for a "brush flight" over some of Alaska's magnificent landscape and land on a remote airstrip near our camp. Once in camp, we'll get you settled in and discuss the trip activities. After that the fun begins.

The camp is nestled in a scenic area, and a short hike up the trail from camp offers a panoramic view of Mt. McKinley and the massive Alaskan mountain range. Gold was discovered in the area at the turn of the century, providing excellent gold panning when not fishing. Moose, bears, eagles, and other wildlife frequent the immediate area of the camp offering photographic opportunities. Excellent King Salmon fishing is available, but you don't have to be a fisherman to enjoy this trip. Easy access areas and open fishing holes make it easy for everyone to catch a "king."

Other activities in camp can include a backpacking trek and overnight to a mighty glacier. This colossal mass of ice stretches fo forty miles and spans several miles in length and flows the slopes of the highest peak in North America. The base camp provides for many activities -- hiking, panning for gold, nature study, and photography -- in addition to fishing.

After six days in the Alaskan wilderness, we'll climb aborad motorhomes for five days of touring Alaska in comfort, mobility, and economy. We'll travel to Denali national Park for a closer look at Mt. McKinley and a seven-hour bus trip through the park for unbelievable close-ups of bear, moose, dall sheep, caribou, eagles, and more. Denali National Park is the largest park in the United States and is the size of Massachusetts.

From there we can head south to the seaport of Seward, Alaska for an amazing day-long boat cruise in the Kenai Fjords National Park. You will see whales, sea otters, pass an island inhabited by millions of birds, and have hundreds of seal clap for you. You will also see incredible scenery and get close enough to a glacier to hear it sing.

This schedule, however, is only a general itinerary, as the theme for this part of the trip is "that looks interesting, let's take a closer look."

The trip begins and ends in Anchorage, Alaska's biggest city. You'll have two full days in this famous city, sightseeing, shopping for souvenirs, and resting before and after our trip. Lodging will be at an inexpensive motel.

Needless to say, there is much to do with Troop 53. As mentioned before, we go on campouts about once a month. Visit this page often for updates and future notices about other trips that we may be going on.