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Dale Jarrett, You might as well be driving the big brown truck! Maybe NASCAR can find some way to give you an advantage!

How many tires on a car does it take for Tony Stewart to get around a corner?
He always needs somebody on the outside to push into the wall!
Wider is better!
I thought only "Bass" had a big mouth!
Aug. 15, 2004 A "Shitty" day in Nascar History!!

8-15-2004- Tony Stewart craps his pants during race at Watkins Glen! He had to rush off right after winning the race to change his diaper!!! Way to go Tony!!!

9-29-07-It's all about Tony again! When will Nascar do something about this big cry baby? Curses on live TV for the second time within 2 months! 25 points and $25,000 for the first offense! Should be a pretty stiff penalty this time, but you know Nascar! They are afraid of Tony Stewart. I think it is long over due to really lay a heavy penalty on Tony. You know as well as I do that it will never happen! He needs to be hit where it really hurts or he will never change!

7-7-07-Tony Stewart crying and putting the blame on someone else again! He rear ends his team mate Denny Hamlin, spinning him out, and takes Denny and his self out of the race and blames it on Denny! In the real world if you rear end somebody, it's your fault for following to close! Tony hit Denny, Denny did not hit Tony! That's Tony's World!

4-21-07-Tony Stewart storms off after the race at Phoenix, declining an interview after finishing 2nd to Jeff Gordon! Tony must have headed off to throw a temper tantrum or he crapped his pants again!!!

7-23-2006-Once again, guess who? That's right, it's Tony Stewart! NASCAR finally penalized Tony for rough driving. A one lap penalty for intentionally running into Clint Boyer and causing an accident. The penalty was not enough. He should have been disqualified. This is the only penalty that will do any good. Tony will do it again. Tony always preaches about give and take. But, he never gives! This is what causes these incidents. He expects everyone to give, but never gives his self. It's just take and if he can't get by, then it's take you out! This could have been avoided if Tony would have just let Clint go by, but oh, no, can't let that happen. Clint should let up! Evidently, Clint's car was faster because he got by Tony and Tony just took him out! I still feel NASCAR is scared of Tony Stewart. He would be a perfect person to make an example of. It will take for someone to get killed for NASCAR to really take notice. Then it will be to late.

7-16-2006- Have you ever noticed? Everytime somebody does something to Tony Stewart it is their fault and they done it intentionally, they always take and never give. It's ok for Tony to take people out because that's their fault too! I'm glad to see Ryan Newman take Tony out! Nobody deserved to be put into the wall more than Tony!! I think the other drivers are tired of Tony's all take and no give attitude, even though he says he gives all the time! Yeah, right! I hope somebody takes the cry baby out every week!

3-12-2006- Tony Stewrat is still whinning about how other people are driving. He needs to take a good look in the mirror! The only person I see that has a problem is Tony! No other driver has been complaining! Why is Tony? He thinks everybody should just get out of his way and let him win. He'll never grow up!

2-19-2006- Can you believe it! The biggest cry baby doesn't pratice what he preaches! 1 week after complaining about bump drafting and rough driving, Tony Stewart is the first one to cause problems at the Daytona 500! First he has a confrontation with Jeff Gordon. He moved up the track to let Gordon go by, but when Jeff went to finish the pass Tony wouldn't give him enough room, reesulting in Jeff hitting the wall after clipping Tony's left front. Tony actually had hoped to spin Jeff out and cause a big accident to take out more of the competition, but Jeff held on and just pancaked the right side of his car. Next, you see Stewart pushing cars (bump drafting or hoping to spin them out?). Now what was Tony's problem with Jimmie Johnson? Running down the back stretch, Tony was bang into the side of Jimmie Johnson. Why? It doesn't make since. Yes it does. Take out the competition! Why did Tony next take out Matt Kennseth? Matt says Tony done it intentionally. Tony says that's what Matt always says. Then Tony admits he done it intentionally, to finish the job! Tony was penalized, but not severe enough. Go to the back of the pack. What was the deal with Kyle Busch at the end of the race? Kyle gets penalized for Stewart running into the side of him. Another retaliation by Stewart? It's time for some retaliation on Tony Stewart. He needs to be suspended. How long will NASCAR put up with this unsportsman like conduct from Tony Stewart? He has been doing it for years and they just let him do it. I believe the other drivers are really getting fed up with it and will be taking matters in their own hands. I predict that someone will take Tony out real soon! If they don't, then bring Jimmy Spencer back! He's not afraid of that short, fat cry baby! Just ask Kurt Busch!

2-12-2006- It's Tony Stewart whinning again! He couldn't win the Bud Shootout, so he complained about the bump drafting. Jimmie Johnson pushed Denny Hamlin to the front and kept Tony from winning. Tony Stewart should be the last person complaining about bumping other drivers. He has put more people in the wall than any other driver currently on the circut. Now he has NASCAR looking into the bump drafting! I think they need to take a closer look at Tony Stewart!

2-20-2005- Guess what? It's all about Tony Stewart again! Another incident of unsportsman like conduct. Tony can't win so he has to try and take people out. Even going as far as ramming into Jimmie Johnson after the race! Tony's temper tantrums have caused trouble in the past, but Nascar allows him to get away with it. What has to happen? Somebody to get hurt or killed? So, Tony is a past champion, who cares? He should be suspended. Make an example of him and show everyone that nobody is exempt from punishment. This would put a stopped to all of these cry baby ways! A couple of years ago Nascar suspend Kevin Harvick for rough driving, and Jimmy Spencer for punching Kurt Busch after a race. What makes Tony Stewart so special? He has done this time after time and all Nascar has done is put him on probation and fine him. As you can see, it has not done a bit of good. He will do it again, you can count on it!

6-27-2004- Tony Stewart has been up to his temper tantrums and rough driving all season. On this date Tony finally went over the edge by grabbing and hitting Bryan Vickers after the race. Nascar only slap him on the wrist. A $50,000 fine and probation for 2 months. This is not going to stop Tony! Jimmy Spencer was suspended for hitting Kurt Busch. Kevin Harvick was suspended for rough driving. Tony Stewart does both and only gets minimal punishment. What does Tony Stewart have on the leaders of Nascar that they are so afraid to punish him? Tony Stewart is worse than Jimmy Spencer and Kevin Harvick ever thought of being! How much longer will Nascar allow Tony Stewart to push everybody around and not expect the other drivers to retaliate? Tony needs to be suspended. This is the only punishment that will make it sink into his thick skull! It's only a matter of time before he kills someone.

7-12-2001- Tony Stewart's latest tantrum nets a $10,000 fine and probation for the rest of the season. Just slap the crybabies hand! How many more times will Nascar allow Tony to get away with such behavior? What are they doing, waiting for him to kill someone? How much longer will Tony's sponsers put up with it? Nip it in the bud, now! Give some punishment that really hurts! $10,000 is just a drop in the bucket and probation hasn't detered him any. He has already proven that! It's only a matter of time and Tony will pop off to the wrong person and they will handle it in their own way! I hope the cameras are on him when it happens! I can't see any reason why some one shouldn't take matters in their own hands. They'll only get a fine and maybe probation, right? If it were me, it would be worth it!

3-25-2001 - Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart tangle on the last lap of the Food City 500 at Bristol. Jeff got under Tony, and Tony came down on Jeff and spun his self out! This incident was not Jeff's fault. After the race was over, Tony spun Jeff on pit road in retaliation. This type of unsportsman like conduct should not be tolerated. Someone could get hurt. Nascar should make an example of Tony Stewart and make the penalty very, very stiff. There should be more than a fine and probation! Maybe Nascar should suspend him for a couple of races like they do for crew chiefs. This would give him some time to think about his actions. When it was all said and done, Tony tried to blame it on his spotter! I think it is about time for the cry baby Tony Stewart to grow up! His childish behavoir is a danger to everyone on the track and in the pits!

3-26-2001 - Tony Stewart was fined $10,000 and placed on probation for 5 months. In my opinion, this punishment was not harsh enough! We can not have drivers ramming other drivers just because he didn't like the out come of the race. I don't care who he is. I hope Nascar enforces the probation. What if Tony breaks the probation? Then what? Put him on probation again? Now is the time to put an end to all of this. NIP IT IN THE BUD NOW! Give him something to think about!

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