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Well the purpose of this site is no more. TW is going at a pretty good pace. So I guess I won't be doing HNG anymore. Instead I'll translate either Daydream or God Save the Queen, whenever they arrive in the mail. Until then, I'm gonna try my baby books. Japanese books that is. (If anybody doesn't know, I've been translating from chinese to english.) So in the meanwhile I'm going to put my Japanese to practice. I translated one sentence (hey I'm a beginner), and yes it was kind of a failure. I don't know how correct it is, but I tried my best.... If anybody actually reads it and knows some japanese, plz correct me. Ah yes, I've entered the world of college. Freshman life isn't bad. It's been hectic though, especially shopping classes. Man, I almost set a death trap for myself. I was going to choose Ec1011a, intermediate economics with emphasis on multivariable calc. But after a long talk w/ ppl, I decided not to do it till next term.

Up to the part where the game ends... four > pages left

Put up some pages to 120. The translations are more liberal. I don't know if that's a good thing. Anywaz, i have a cold, so night

Finished 119.

Unfortunately, i was really busy this week w/ my summer session ending. Next week i'll be bac in the states, so my next update won't be until next Thursday. Err... if i move into my dorm quickly, then i should be able to update more regularly. *sigh*

Well i got some pages finished on Chapter 119 - To Test My Strength

I put up the Edited Version 118 . Not much of a difference, just some changes in name suffixes and such. It's kinda interesting though, and of course it reads better. Since we're talking about names, a nice guy told me that MingZi - Akira's Mom is Akiko. Thx. Let's see what else, someone asked me to put up more scripts, but this is my vacation in Japan, so A) not enough time (b) other difficulties. Bery Sorry. Err.. I will try to get 119 up by Monday (no computer on weekends). Can u guess wut the url is? Ah on a happier note, I got myself a copy of Volume 18, and I flipped through the newest issue of Jump. Hmm... 18 is kinda of a blast from the past thing going on. Shows wut their life is outside of Go... which in fact is still Go. If u have Jump, u'll notice Hikaru grew older, again. Looks kinda weird to me, but oh well. Going to Convention tomorrow

Finished 118. Next I'm gonna make some edits by comparing the Chinese and the Japanese version. There are differences (e.g. the Chinese copies usually write a character`s full name, but Japanese may only say Shindo), but i can only make the simple changes. Yay i'm going to nihon ki-in today. I went to a Go club the other day. That was really fun, mainly cuz the ppl were so nice. I`m still a beginner... super beginner. The guy said I was 18-que *sob*. I also took a trip down to an animation school, but there are no courses in the summer. And the courses are generally 2 yrs long. *sigh*.

You know I'm kinda surprised at the time slots of anime in Japan. Some are on in the evening, but others are on at 1 or 2 am, e.g. Chobits and RahXephon. Actually I can't even watch those two cuz I dont' have the channels. But I do have the channels that show Morning Musume and Chemistry all the time. It's kinda annoying. How can they be on t.v. everyday??? Don't they have tours or something like that? Oh yea the othe day i went to another store, and i got to try on shirts, so I guess only very specific places stop you from doing that. The Noh play was slow.... And uh... i added a couple more lines to chapt. 118.

Me Again. I typed up part of the translation for Chapter 118 - The Chase. I'll finish it another day. I'm gonna go to a Noh Play soon. It's probably gonna be boring, but I might as well check it out right?

Yo! I'm at the college now. Yahoo. There's a computer lab. Hm.. I left hng at home. Oh well. 118 is titled The Chase btw. Alrite i'm gonna use this as a semi blog for now. All I can remember is I went to a bonodouri festival and Harajuku and some more bookstores. I stayed at the festival for 15 minutes. Got free food, and I caught some fishes (100 yen per try). They all died the next day though, cuz I turned off the air conditioner (I think that was the cause). I went shopping too, but I didn't buy anything, cuz the store wouldn't let me try on shirts. My Japanese friend told me that it's ok to try on pants, but not tops. How am I supposed to know how well it fits without trying it on?! And then I went to a game center.... but I found out that it was a Sega Only store, so it kinda bugged me. But I did get some stuff at the 100 yen shop, and we took some pictures. It was fun, the machine lets u draw over it. When I come bac to the U.S. next month, I think I'm gonna do random translations of stuff that looks pretty. I wrote down all the titles so I can get a Chinese copy. Anyone know a place where I can get the newest Japanese manga titles, translated into Chinese?

Hi Hi. I`m in Japan, and the keyboard is funny. It`s a pretty neat place here, but there are definitely disadvantages. I noticed there are more smokers, and train passes are wicked expensive. Actually a lot of things are expensive. The streets are way too narrow at times. But there are a lot of cool stuff too, Like the streets have lanes w/ bumps for the blind. If you walk by a sunglass store, they have this ultrasonic machine to clean ur glasses. Japan makes life easy, but I don`t have access to computer. Maybe I can translate some more when I get more time w/ the comp. And yes I@ve bought a ton of manga/artbooks/etc. hahahah.

Stupid Net Card died... grrrr... so i lost the net yet again!!! Well... enough b-tchin.. Here's a Quickie - I just finished Chapter 117. Going to the airport in an hour. This person.. i think his name is thunderchild had a link on a hikago site . It has scans. It's good if u've gotten as sick of Guy2 Guy00 Guy1 as I have.
Hi all! Well I've been gone for awhile.... you know work.. forgetting passwords.. and such have kept me afoot. When I came bac, I realized ppl visited, and got nothing. I felt bad that I wasted their time. So I'm gonna spend this week, before I fly off to Japan, to translate Volume 14. Why? Cuz it holds the relieft to the Biggest Cliffhanger yet! Onwards to chapter 114... As always I recommend you visit Toriyama's World for all your manga needs. oh yea if anybody knows the names to those ppl or more accurate translations please e-mail me .

- mugoi

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