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Volume 14 Chapter 119 To Test My Strength

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p. 118-119

SettingInformation: Oza Title Tournament [Prize Money: 10,000,000 en, so to get the approximation in dollars subtract two zeros. This is info from 1997] Round One: Kamaishi Yoshiro 9-Dan vs. Kurata Atsushi 6-Dan
Kamaishi Yoshiro: .... I resign.
Reporter: Kurata-kun.
Reporter/Amano: Finished? From your expression, looks like you won, right?
Kurata: Yea I've been doing pretty well this year!
Kurata: I'm really serious about taking a title!

p. 120-121

Kurata: Amano-san, are you reading a fax? Isn't this the Go notation [record of moves] for the game that's being played right now?
Amano: Nagano is currently holding the 10 Dan tournament's fifth match.
Amano: This just came in 30 minutes ago. It's the newest update on the game's progress.
Amano: So far from the current game, it seems that they're still basically even, but I still think in the end Touya-sensei with his unyielding strength will win.
Kurata: ...
Amano: Ogata-san can't maintain his concentration till the end of the game. During the Honinbo Tournament, he lost at the last round, game seven.
Amano: I think he'll probably lose today, the 10 Dan tournament's fifth match.
Kurata: As long as you get used to the pace of title matches, these type of situations shoulndn't happen again. After all, Go is game of will and patience.
Amano: Hm.. yea, you're right as well.
Kurata: What's this!?
Kurata: What's wrong with Touya Koyo?
Kurata: What exactly has changed with his thinking? [lit: inside of his mind]

p. 122-123

Kurata: But, Ogata is still very calm.
Kurata: Why would the Meijin make this move?
Kurata: This isn't like him either!
Amano: Isn't like him?
Hikaru: Ah!
Hikaru's mom: Why are you yelling so loud? There's no time left!
Hikaru's mom: Hurry and eat your breakfast! You're going to be late for school!
??: I'm going out!
Hikaru: ....
Hikaru's mom: Wait a second! Please take out the trash!

p. 124-125

Hikaru (thinks): Touya-sensei lost!
Hikaru (thinks): Could it be because of the Net game with Sai....
Hikaru (thinks): It wouldn't be because Touya-sensei was tired and performed poorly that he lost the match... I hope not..
Hikaru (thinks): I really want to see the Go notation.
Hikaru (thinks): I wonder.. if I can get the Go notation at the Go Institute...
Hikaru (thinks): And... Touya-sensei probably doesn't really mean to retired..
Teacher: That enough for today.
??: Please stand up!
??: See ya! I'm going home.

p. 126-127

Hikaru: Go Weekly won't come out till next week.... I'm really hungry.
Hikaru: Kurata-san!
Kurata: Shindo!
Hikaru: What are you doing here?
Kurata: Shindo! What are you stupid? [jap: baka? Shindo tsute baka? hmm.. either tsute or double consonant maybe]
Kurata: Obviously I'm eating ramen!
Hikaru: That's not what I meant!
Hikaru: I mean, why are you in this neighborhood?
Kurata: Hey, even if you sit down, I'm not going to pay for you.
Hikaru: Who needs you to pay! I can pay for myself!
Hikaru: Ramen!
Kurata: One for me too!
Hikaru: You too?
Waiter: Two more ramen!
Hikaru: Or... did you come to teach Go?
Hikaru: Is that it?

p. 128-129

Kurata: The teaching class is over. I just have to go home now.
Hikaru: Right, Kurata-san.
Hikaru: If I go to the Institute [I was there!!], will they let me see the Go notation for yesterday's 10-dan match.
Kurata: I've already seen it.
Hikaru: You've already seen it!?
Kurata: I was at the Institute yesterday. I came in as it was printing out. After a certain interval, they will send a fax of the Go notation to the publishers.
Waiter: Sorry for making you wait!
Hikaru: I only found out Touya-sensei lost after reading the newspaper.
Kurata: This game didn't have any of Touya Koyo's usual style.
Hikaru: Didn't have his style?
Kurata: This guy`s sense of balance is extremely good. When it`s time to attack, he`ll attack mercilessly. When it`s time to hold your troops down, he`ll wait, patiently, for an opportunity.
Kurata: But, it`s like this feeling has disappeared.
Hikaru: Was the game.. played poorly?
Kurata: Poorly? This game was played brilliantly!

p. 130-131

Kurata: This was the last game of the Title Tournament, every move gave off an unceasing feeling of wonder. His Go style has a youthful energy to it. Even though he lost, I still really admire him. At this age, he can still change himself.
Kurata: Touya Koyo really is a formidable plyaer. Looks like he`ll stay strong till the end!
Hikaru: Phew lucky they played good Go. Maybe he wont`t retire after all...
Kurata: He's a worthy opponent to defeat. I'm really happy.
Kurata: His son is also a worthy opponent.
Hikaru: Kurata-san, you played against Touya Akira!?
Kurata: During the Meijin Tournament last month, I played against him in the second round of the prelims. But he has already advanced to the third round of the prelims in the Honinbo Tournament.
Kurata: That 2-Dan rookie actually advanced to the third roun.
Kurata: So far none of the low level dans has beaten him.
Kurata: It seems that he will be recognized as a serious competitor by this summer.
Kurata: Even faster than what I had predicted.
Hikaru (thinks): Touya!
Hikaru (thinks): Have you already reached such a high level? Nevermind surpassing you, do I not even have a chance of catching up to you?

p. 132-133

Waiter: Thanks for coming!
Waiter: Please come again!
Hikaru (thinks): That can't be!
Hikaru (thinks): I can do this!
Hikaru: Kurata-san, do you have anything to do after this? Do you have any time?
Kurata: And what if I have time?
Hikaru: Please play one game with me!
Kurata: No!
Hikaru: Ee!? Ee!?
Hikaru (thinks): Is he still mad about the signature thing last time?
Hikaru (thinks): Then..
Hikaru: I want Kurata-san's signature!
Hikaru: If I beat you, then can you give me your signature as a reward?
Hikaru: But, how can I possibly beat Kurata-san!
Hikaru: But I don't think Kurata-san's signature should be given away so easily. I believe this is something you have to work for.
Kurata: Oh.. in that case.. if you want it that badly.. i guess there's no way... let's go find a Go Salon then!
Hikaru (thinks): This guy is just GREAT! [yea.. sarcasm]

p. 134-135

Hikaru (thinks): Yes! What level of Go can I play with Kurata-san?
Hikaru (thinks): I need to test my strength!
Kurata??: You have to pay for both of our fees.
Hikaru: O..okay!
Owner: Welcome...
Owner: Ku.. Kurata, the Pro!
??: E?
??: Kurata?
??: Ah! It's Kurata! Kurata 6-dan!
??: It really is him!
Kurata: Do you have any space?
Owner: Of course! This way please!
??: I'm one of your fans!
??: Who's the kid behind?
??: Kurata! I'll be cheering for you in next month's Honinbo's Tournament. After Ogata 10-dan, you'll win the Honinbo title!
Kurata: Thanks!
??: Kurata-sensei, who's your friend..
Kurata: Him? His name is Shindou. He just became a Pro! He said that in return for beating me, I give him my signature.
??: Oh so it's Kurata-sensei's fan! That's really cute!
??: Afterwards we want a signature too! Do you have a board? [uh it's supposed to be a board for signatures. not sure wut it's called]
Kurata: I won't give you any handicaps. This is too hard. You can go first. I won't add five moku at the end.
Kurata: But, I won't let you get my signature so easily.
Hikaru: Yes!
Hikaru (thinks): And I don't even want it!
Kurata: Good, let's start! huh!?
Hikaru: I also have white stones.
??: There are white stones here..
Kurata: I don't need it. Let's just play like this!
Hikaru: E?
Kurata: Let's play one colored Go.
??: One colored Go?
Kurata: Hikaru's white stones will be black. Good luck.
Hikaru: What!? The white stones are black!? One colored Go!?

p. 136-137

Kurata: Hurry up!
Hikaru: Good luck..!?
Hikaru: I need... to pretend that these white stones are..
Hikaru: Black!?
Kurata: Looks like this is the first time he's played one-colored Go!
Kurata (thinks): Shindou! I have the advantage...
Kurata (thinks): It begins now!
??: Only white stones? How do you play? It's like the game we're playing now..
??: But all turned into white stones!?

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