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Volume 14 Chapter 118 The Chase

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p. 98-99

Hikaru: Ogata-sensei...
Ogata: Do you know who Sai is? If you know who he is then...
Ogata: Let me play against him!
Hikaru: I... I don't know! I really don't know! I just...

p. 100-101

Hikaru: I just saw Sai and Touya Meijin's...Internet Go game.
Akira: Shindo Hikaru!
Hikaru:Touya Akira !
Hikaru (thinks): It really is out of the frying pan and into the fire...
Akira: Ogata-san! What is this!?

p. 102-103

Ogata: Shindo Hikaru just left sensei's hospital room. Once he saw me enter, he ran out.
Ogata: I heard a bit of their conversation. Hikaru definitely knows Sai!
Akira: !
Ogata: Since he is pretending he doesn't know, I can ask sensei for the answer!
Akira (thinks): They know each other? No... actually Hikaru and Sai... actually Hikaru and Sai..
Touya Meijin: Ogata. Akira!
Ogata: Sensei, was it Shindo Hikaru?
Ogata: Hikaru helped you set up a match against Sai, right?

p. 104-105

Touya Meijin: No.
Ogata: Sensei!?
Touya Meijin: It has nothing to do with him.
Touya Meijin: In reality, Sai was the one who asked me to play against him on the net yesterday morning.
Touya Meijin: I see you two saw the match yesterday. What did you think? It didn't disgrace the reputation of Touya Koyo?
Touya Meijin: It's only that Sai was one above me.
Ogata: Akira, say something!
Ogata: You should also want to know who Sai really is?
Akira: .......
Akira: Dad said he didn't know. It won't do anything for me to ask on.
Ogata: .....
Akira (thinks): Ogata-san thinks... Sai and Hikaru are two completely different people. Regarding this point, I still don't have an answer... but about this matter, I can definitely say...

p. 106-107

Akira (thinks): Hikaru is certainly the key to this entire mystery!
Ogata: Since neither Shindo Hikaru nor Touya-sensei is talking, I can only give up...
Ogata: That's the end of that....
Akira's Mom: Ah! Akira. Ogata-san has come too!
Akira's Mom: Did Shindo Hikaru leave already? He just came....
Hikaru: Phew that was dangerous!
Hikaru: It seems like Ogata-sensei heard something about Sai.
Hikaru: Worse, Touya Akira also showed up.
Hikaru: He must still think I'm Sai!
Hikaru: They will definitely ask Touya-Meijin a lot of questions!
Hikaru: But, I believe Touya Meijin will not say a word.

p. 108-109

Hikaru: I didn't think even Ogata-sensei would want to play against Sai. This is a real pain.
Hikaru: If this continues on... sooner or later someone will... figure out... I'm the one playing Go online... then I'll really get a headache.
Hikaru: But I'll still set up a match for you to play against Touya Meijin.
Hikaru: What's the matter? Why don't you look happy at all? I SAID I'll still let you play against Touya Meijin in the future!
Hikaru: Touya Meijin won't give our secrets away, so there shouldn't be any problems for you and Touya Meijin to play another game. Sai: The future.. at the moment to me, all of this seems so far off...
Hikaru: You!! I let you play just yesterday!
Hikaru: Geez! You're pushing your limits!
Hikaru: I have to go home!
Hikaru: ....
Hikaru: ... If Touya Meijin really does retire, it will cause a big commotion. So right now there's no way you can play against him.

p. 110-111

Hikaru: Don't worry. There's still a lot of time left.
Sai (thinks): Hikaru has time... but I don't
Waya's sensei: This is the game Koyo played online, Waya?
Waya: Yea, I watched the game fom beginning to end. This game was played really well. Seriously!
GuanEr (check for his japanese name later): Is black Touya Meijin?
Waya's sensei: He actually used a computer? I can't believe it! Neither of us are suited for this kind of thing!
Hikaru: Hi everybody...

p. 112-113

Waya: Shindo! It's Sai! Sai appeared on the net again!
Hikaru: He's the one who played against the Meijin right? Waya you saw it? I saw it too!
Waya: Huh --- You saw it too!?
Morishit 9Dan (Waya's sensei): Sai is the name of the person playing white? He's the one who played against Koyo?
Waya: Sensei, before, I mentioned that there was this great Go player on the net. That's him [Sai].
??: This Sai... placed a white piece here...
??: This move is really ingenious!
Waya: It continues like this... and then black resigns, the end.
FirstGoTeacher: He resigns here?
GuanEr/SaekiKoji: A victory by half a moku!
??: White is in a better position?
FIrstGoTeacher: Is there no way for black to start a comeback?
??: Can he escape here?
??: He has to make this move. There is no way to change the situation!
??: This really hurts the head!
Hikaru: Eh Em! Here!
Hikaru: If you take the black piece guarding here, and place it in the corner, then it'll work!

p. 114-115

??: Right!
Waya: ...
Morishita 9Dan: Indeed..
Morishita 9Dan: If you protect the outside, then this move is unavoidable.
SaekiKoji: And so, countering is pointless.
Hikaru: Right! This black piece will be more useful.
Waya: Weird... You're usually not this bright!
Hikaru: Waya! Stop making fun of me! This is the key to the victory!
??: Hikaru, do you plan your moves?
Waya: I see! You usually don't know how to strategize, so that's why you noticed it!
Hikaru: What did you say!?
Sai (thinks): I'm not the only one who has noticed Hikaru's abilities and strength. Even the Four Group's [Japanese name: Kizuki?] people have started to pay attention.
Sai (thinks): I can see... A bright light and a brilliance coming from Hikaru [lit: 's head], along with a future that I don't have.

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