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Build-N-Book is designed to help the managements of income and expense accounts of the builders and constructors. It is not a general purpose accounting package. Build-N-Book is built specifically for builders of apartments and shops. It is focused on the management of apartments/shops bookings and cancellation.

You can create payment schedule against bookings of your apartments and shops, view reports about the dues up-to-date of your customers according their corresponding schedule.

You can print customized letter to send to your customers with their dues information.

It has very simple screens for entry of payment and receipt transaction. Allow payment and receipt through cash and cheque, also provide management of unclaimed/bounce cheques.

Transactions and data are managed through standard accounting principles but all the complexities of accounting rules are handled by this application internally and user is provided with very user-friendly interfaces for entering and retrieving of data so you do not have to be an accounting expert to use this application.

Account groups are provided for categorizing the accounts which searching and managing them easy. Build-N-Book has a number of reports. Each report has many options to view detailed or summarized reports. You can view report of a single account or all accounts of an account group, reports including all transactions or reports including transactions between specific dates.

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