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Grooming Your Airedale Terrier

1. Trim head to appear oblong with profile flat, and also having rectangular appearance when viewed from above; trim skull closely; level hair between eyes, but not so much as to appear scooped out; thin and level eyebrows to lie almost flat-taper from very close at outer corner of eye to rather long at inside corner of eye. Clip hair of muzzle in front of eyes neatly but not too closely, making muzzle appear well filled in and powerful and keeping the eyes from being obscured. To emphasize rectangular appearance, trim hair at corner of mouth rather closely but not so far forward as to make muzzle look snipey, nor so far back as to cause an indentation of outline. Trim hair under jaw very closely to a point below corner of mouth, then taper into beard, which should be squared off. Tao profuse facial furnishings should be thinned, as Schnauzer trim is to be avoided.

2. Strip ears very closely.

3. Trim throat and front of neck closely.

4. Trim neck to accentuate arch, taking hair down fairly closely at base of skull, tapering into crest, and blending neatly into withers and shoulders without abrupt angle.

5. Trim back level.

6. Trim hair on tail but not too closely. Should be about same length as hair of coat and just as tight. Do not taper tail too much.

7. Strip closely on shoulders and forechest. Trim closely on upper arm, around arm to body, and under arm. Gradually taper hair of upper arm into leg furnishings at elbow.





8. Trim forelegs to appear absolutely straight from any direction. Trim forefeet closely so as to be almost hidden by furnishings. Remove hair close to pad at back of foot, and, down to that point, taper furnishings on back of pastern. Remove excess hair between pads.
9. Even up hair on chest, leaving more on leggy dogs than on cobby-ideal length being approximately level with elbows at front, then trimmed in fairly straight line diagonally to tuck-up, where hair should be taken down fairly closely. Even flankhair and blend into thigh furnishings.
10. Remove scraggly hair and trim outline to accentuate bend of stifle. Remove long hairs from inside of stifle.
11. Trim hindquarters neatly, blending coat hair into furnishings at rise of thigh muscle and tapering into flank hair. Trim fairly closely and evenly from under tail, around inside of thigh, then blend into leg furnishings.
12. Even outline of leg down to hock. Trim back pastern to appear absolutely straight \\.hen viewed from rear. Remove excess leg furnishings on outside of thigh, blend into furnishings of gaskin (second thigh) and on down to feet. Trim hair around foot and from between pads, tapering hair on back of pastern from closely at hock to fairly long, then closely again at pad, giving somewhat rounded appearance when viewed from side. Trimming hair too closely on inside of hind-quarters will make dog look bowlegged, while leaving too much, too high, on outside of legs and quarters will make dog appear too close behind.
Stripping comb.
Scissors with blunted points.
Thinning shears.