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Janet's Art Gallery

I paint a variety of subjects, as my interest is more with light and colour. Especially popular lately are what I call "Heritage" paintings, where I produce in oil, a permanent colour portrait from a treasured family photograph - even from black and white.

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These heritage oils are created from favoured family photographs...even from black and white.

Tea Time

Aah, to relax with a dear friend with a steaming cup of tea. It is just as satisfying to sit down in front of a still life, and bring to the canvas these simple pleasures.


This painting won first prize in oils, Highlands Historical Society Annual Art Competition, Edmonton, 1998. I do not have many samples of my landscapes left, as they are very popular as well.

Pets, Too

This is a rather expressionist twist, but it gives you an idea how different your pet can look, under a different light!


Painting a face is as pleasurable painting a flower. Dissecting the features by eye, I find the surprising shapes and colours molded by light and shadow.

The Human Form

As beautiful as a flower...

I know these images are not very sharp. I used my videocam. I don't feel too bad about it, though, as you can contact me about getting an original.
I would love to hear from you.