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Most computer users can not see our pics when they are linked to pagebuilder websites.
To fix this, go to the next page and use for photo storage.
Or you can use the ever popular

However, the instructions that follow tell you how to put a photo on eBay using Pagebuilder.
You can also use the same method to put photos on any other site.

There are two ways I know of to get an image- transloading and through your email.
(Note: If you have to click on text in your email to view an image, you will still have to transload it.)


  • Before you can transload pictures to your scrapbook, you need to start a pagebuilder webpage. It doesn't matter what is on it. (If you already have a webpage done or in progress, you don't need to do this step).
  • Go to pagebuider, click on "create"
  • Choose a red, blue, green or gray background.
  • Click on "add an item"
  • Click on "add text" and put in one word.
  • Click on "Done"
  • Now you have opened up your scrapbook and can begin putting pictures in it.


Basically, transloading is moving an image from one webpage to another. On Webtv, it is put into your pagebuilder scrapbook. The easiest transloader I have found is Webscissors

How to use Webscissors

  • First you will need the URL of the image you want to transload.
  • While you are viewing the image, press the "go to" button.
  • Move the cursor down to "show current" and press "return".
  • Now you have the URL of the image. It should end in either gif or jpg. I believe these are the only types Webtv can use
  • You can either write it down, or copy, cut & paste it.
  • Now go to (If you plan to do this alot, you can put it on a function key, but that's another lesson.)
  • On the Webscissors page, there is a place to put the URL of the image you want to transload.
  • If you are pasting the URL, delete the http:// that is already there, first.
  • Enter the URL in the place provided and click on "view images".
  • Note: Don't click on "show last URL visited", it has never worked for me. Plus, I believe it was disabled in a recent upgrade.
  • The rest is pretty self-explanatory, just follow the prompts

Images received through email

  • When you receive an email with an image, the word "scrapbook" should show up in the sidebar as one of your choices.
  • Just click on "scrapbook" and follow the prompts.

What to do with these transloaded pictures

Next, you will need to publish your images on a webpage

  • Go to the pagebuilder page we just created.
  • Click on "add item"
  • Click on "picture"
  • Click on "your scrapbook"
  • Choose the image you want to add and click on it.
  • Do these steps repeatedly until all the pictures you want to send to eBay are on the webpage you're building.
  • Note: If you have very large pictures, or alot of them, they will load faster if you put pagebreaks between them. "Page break" is a choice on the same page as "add picture".
  • When you are finished, click on "publish", and follow the prompts.
  • Write down your new URL

Image names

  • You will need to get the "name" of your image from your scrapbook. It is something like-ImportD0_jpg, or mailedD1_gif. (There are others, also)
  • Go to your scrapbook
  • Click on an image.
  • Click on "view this image"
  • Write down the "name".
  • Do this for all the images you published on your webpage.

We're almost there!

Your URL for eBay

The best way I can explain this is to give you an example of a URL and break it down for you:

  • Do not put the "-2" after community.

  • In place of my name, Robinq, put your webtv name.

  • In place of "doc", put the name of your webpage. ( webtv assigns "doc" if you don't give your webpage a title.)

  • The F in scrapbookFiles must in caps, the word must be plural.

  • "import" is lowercase, D is in caps, replace the _ in your image name with a .

  • The jpg is case sensitive. You can have a D1.jpg, and a D1.JPG on the same webpage denoting 2 different pictures.


Now you have your picture URL for eBay! Just input your new URL on eBay's "sell item" screen and you're in business!

One more note: For some reason, this does not work with putting pictures in eBay's gallery. It may be that there are too many redirects for the URL. Also, most computer users will not be able to see the image. You can see it, but they will not.

On the next page is information about image storage and a way I found to put pictures in the galleryand also have them show up properly in an auction.

Click here for my F-Keys for more helpful links