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Kawa, Kanji symbol for river
"Kawa" is "River" in Japanese.
(Kanji symbol for river)
Kawa, hiragana for river
(Hirigana for River)
Rivers are a central metaphor for me as well as my favorite places in all of the world.
"Kawazoi," or river banks, provides a lyrical and philosophical context for thinking about all that flows down life's river. As a Web developer, this site also gives me a chance to try stuff out.
Tell me about it. Send me an email.

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Fan Fiction
Red River
US Kayak Team

River Levels  
USGS Gages
Wolf River at Langlade
Peshtigo River at Porterfield
Red River at Morgan Siding
Wolf River at Shawano
Oconto River near Gillett
 Shotokan Karate 
Learn about this demanding style of karate.
Find out what's going on in Shawano, WI.
Answer the question, "What the heck is a makiwara?"
Shotokan Karate - a personal passion
Eddies In Life's River
Red River Paddlers, our take out on the Red River of Northeastern Wisconsin
The Gallery, an ongoing melange of paddling images from Northeastern Wisconsin
Aeryn Sun - The baddest, most beautiful ex-Peacekeeper in the Uncharted Territories
Professional background - My resume & statement of abilities