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The Red River Paddlers page of David Wilhelms' Kawazoi Website
Red River Paddlers of Northeastern Wisconsin
We're a group of whitewater kayakers and canoeists from Wisconsin, Illinois & Minnesota.
Aside from a love of whitewater boating & a fierce devotion to preservation of our rivers, we have in common a take-out site on the Red.
But it isn't totally free. Any cash donations (used for maintaining the site - mostly property taxes) are cheerfully appreciated.
Send to:
David Wilhelms
P.O. Box 324
Shawano, WI 54166
The whitewater reach of the Red extends from Weed Dam just east of Gresham, WI to our takeout below "Whirlpool" Rapids.
The rapids in order are:
  • First Drop
  • Second Drop or "Surfing Wave"
  • Third Drop
  • The Novitiate or Monastery Falls
  • Ziemer's or "The Rock" or Little Bull Rapids (Town of Richmond Park)
  • Whirlpool
The river then bends to the left (roughly East). About 500 yards down from Whirlpool is the take-out. It's not all that easy to spot from the water but if you watch on river left for a hip-roofed house, it's just past that.
Unless someone stole it again, there's a paddle painted yellow nailed to a tree.
As noted, the Red is dam-controlled and the quality of the trip is in direct proportion to how close you get to the release. Gresham Village Municipal Utilities owns the dam and it usually releases water twice each day (Gotta milk the cows in da area, doncha know.)
How To Find The Take-Out
Getting there
From Shawano:
  1. Go north on Hwy. 47-55 (to Keshena).
  2. About 4.5 miles north of Shawano, turn left (West) on Co. Hwy. A (only choice at that intersection).
  3. Just past the bridge over the Wolf River, turn right on Broadway.
  4. Follow Broadway west to the T-intersection with a stop sign at Beech Road.
  5. Turn right (North) on Beech Road.
  6. The next intersection (with a stop sign) is Butternut Road. Turn left (West).
  7. Follow Butternut West almost exactly 1 mile to the sharp bend to the right (North). This is the intersection with Kathryn Road. A Red Pine Plantation is straight ahead.
  8. Turn left (South) on Kathryn Road.
  9. Nearly immediately (.1 mile), turn right (West) on Finley Court. The take-out is on your left, about .1 mi.
PLEASE no overnight camping or fires.
Feedback is always appreciated.

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