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The Nerf Center


This page contains all I have to offer about Nerf, and Nerf things. I want your mail, so e-mail me if you have anything to say or ask, or if you have any war games, stories about wars you were in and stuff, or modifications to give me. Also, I'm starting a top 5 list by vote, so please send me your two favorite Nerf guns. That stuff at the bottom of this page is the NerfRing, which is awesome. There's no excuse not to join if you have a page, so join now.

Latest Updates

10-4-96 Yes! I added reviews for the Mad Hornet and the SM 500, a new War Game, an Ammo Testing section, and this Newest Updates feature! Have fun!

11-6-96 Not much, just two new war games. yay.

2-6-97 One new wargame for you to look at.

3-7-97 I reviewed the LightningBlast ( or whatever it's called ) and added one new wargame. I've decided that I'm not answering mail unless you tell me your two favorite guns, because only one person has told me theirs!.

3-9-97 Nothing new except for the addition of this link, !Register It!. For all you people with web pages, this is the key to getting people to actually go to you site. ( you also can ask me to add a link for you ) Anyway, go to it now.

Places To Go

All about guns and ammo, my favorite guns, etc.
Weapon Modifications, ammo holders, how to test your ammo, homemade Larami Darts, and more
Tactics Tips
Tips on how to snipe people out plus how to fight a good sniper, etc.
War Games
Ideas for War Games, written by me and sent in by you


My Friend's Cool Nerf Page!
Radar's World of Nerf Guns
Nerf HQ

The NerfRing 
Member, The NerfRing
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