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Mahalchari Buddha

On 26 August 2003, Bangladesh army in league with Muslim settlers attacked the indigenous Buddhist people in Mahalchari. Bangladesh army and Muslim settlers set fire on more than 370 indigenous Buddhist houses. An indigenous Chakma man and an indigenous Chakma infant (8 months) were killed. More than 1000 indigenous Buddhist people were rendered homeless. Lemucharipara Buddhist Temple and Babupara Buddhist Temple were burnt down. Lord Buddha's images were demolished. Bangladesh army and Muslim settlers raped 10 indigenous Chakma women.

26 August 2003: Bengali settlers attack indigenous people in Mahalchari in reprisal of abduction of a settler by gunmen
26 August 2003: An Account of Communal Attack in Mahalchari by Bengali Settlers and Bangladesh army
15 August 2003: Bangladesh army arrest 3 indigenous Chakma men for pssession of licensed gun
11 August 2003: Bangladesh government and NGOs help Bengali settlers with micro credit in violation of CHT Accord
11 August 2003: Bangladesh army continue to terrorize the indigenous people in the name of Operation Uttaran
03 August 2003: Bengali settlers continue to grab indigenous land and rob indigenous people in CHT
27 July 2003: BNP government forms Committee for Implementation of CHT Accord to conceal its lackluster attitude
30 May 2003: Bangladesh army detain and torture 2 indigenous Chakma men in Kedhamara of Baghaichari
27 May 2003: Bangladesh Rifle (BDR) destroy and descrate a Buddhist temple in Barkal
25 May 2003: Bengali settler attampts to rape un underage indigenous Chakma girl in Patachari village of Baghaichari
10 May 2003: Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) survey Bhaibachara of Sajek for expansion of militray camp
20 April 2003: Bengali settlers attack indigenous people of Bhuiachara under Kamalchari union to grab indigenous land
January 2003: PCJSS demands cancellation of pacification project in CHT
15 January 2003: Bengali settlers threten the indigenous people with communal attack in Rangamati
12 January 2003: Bengali settlers win local government election in Boalkhali of Dighinala by fraud
02 January 2003: Bangladesh army torture indigenous Chakma men in Kaptai of Rangamati district
02 January 2003: Bangladesh government deploys army during Union Parishad election in CHT

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