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Counseling and Educational Services for

Eating Disorders


“Hello, I recovered from an eating disorder so  I know the agony of being obsessed with food. I was there for 13 years.  I have been symptom free now since 1990.  From attending many group therapies I learned to recover. I teach this now, different tools for recovery and  helping you find what works for you.”

— Dr. Sheila O'Byrne

              Sheila O'Byrne, Ph.D., Chartered Psychologist (click to see bio)

Eating disorders, obesity, bulimia, and anorexia nervosa. All eating problems ... :

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[Bullet]E-mail Counseling with Dr.Sheila O'Byrne (One question- $15.00)
                   (Payment by Phone/Visa or by Mail/Money Order)
[Bullet]Session Appointments by phone  for bulimiaanorexia, and all eating problems.
                  (one hour- $110.00 - health insurance where applicable)
                            (Payment by Phone/Visa or by Mail/Money Order)
[Bullet] Book: Floppy Disc Edition - or Printed Copy
                  "Uncover Your Light - Eating Disorders - I Recovered So Can You"  by Dr.Sheila O'Byrne
                    (Floppy Disk : $12.99 + $1.01 for shipping and handling - GST included)
                    (Printed Copy : $30.00 + $5.00 shipping and handling - GST included)
                    (Payment : by Phone/Visa or by Mail/Money Order)
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Book Review Uncover Your Light - Eating Disorders - I Recovered So Can You

If you have an eating disorder or know someone who does, this book is worth reading.  It focuses on how to recover.  The author details 7 practices that promise recovery in time.  O'Byrne writes that this is a transformational law - do some or all of the practices and little by little you will get well.  Also outlined is the helpfulness of practicing to connect with your own intuition and its direct connection with a Higher Power.  These practices have been and continue to be central to the writer's recovery, development and continual growth.  Her advice is do what works for you.  The book is easy to understand and captivating to read.  It includes O'Byrne's journey with her eating disorder as well as many women's stories, from her work as a psychologist.

From the magazine Check-Up, May issue, 1999.

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Postal address:      1910-37 st. S.W.  Calgary, AB.  Canada    T3E 3A3



If you know someone who has completely recovered from an eating disorder, please check out the FULL RECOVERY Project.


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