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June 5th 2005 I just finished turpentine #7. yay! it's got more of the prose sorta thing, uh, before i continue describing it I better grab a copy.

OK. got it. first off, there is a pink poodle on the cover and a toad as a soilder on the back, and like a bajillion rabbits. Lucky number seven contains prose about the city, and about visiting california and mexico. Also dreams, receipts and their stories, take back the night, Mayday, the orthodontist, skateboarding, anarchism, and vegan macaroni and cheese. Oh man, I'm getting sick of describing all my zines because then it's like they are just topics of interest. next issue i won't describe. also, ihave a new email address because my old one got freaking hacked into. It is: RATAPPLE at YAHOO dot COM

I am not writing it like that to be like zoe trope. I just don't want it to get hacked into again.

4/8/05 WEll. Issue #6 is already a little old, and i have to make more copies, but it's a pocket sized with a story about ghosts in my basement, prose, political rant on tim pawlenty and alberto gonzalez, a recipe for vegan skillet cornbread and info on herbal remedies, piece on my friend tildy and our band, dreams, feminism, my 4th grade art tteacher, and more. It's a buck, a stamp, trade, or free if need be.

I've got so many projects in the work, and i wish i was working more on the website. everything's been a bit disorganized, but i think things might be clearing up a bit. getting rid of crap... but whatever. Issue #7 is blooming in my brain. It'll be great.

OH! and also, i did a zine about the bus. It's called metro transit. i'm out right now, but i'll make copies. it's a stamp or something. i dunno.

at this point, i'm giving issue 5 away for free in person, but by mail it's 60 cents in stamps. i was rereading it, sort of like looking in the mirror, and wow, sort of embarrassing how different i feel. so that's why it's free. and because i have way too many copies left.

2/6/05 weehooo! Finished issue 6. i'll write more about it later, when i feel like it, maybe.

11/5/04 hello, guys and dolls. i have a new, small little 24-hour perzine type thing out. it's called witch wash. send some stamps or a trade or 75 for a copy. Also, turpentine number 5 will soon be availble from out of this town distro and echo zine distro.

well, the stupidity of much of the american people has been reaffirmed. bush elected for a second term. This definetely calls for more activism! minnesota went for kerry, so maybe we'll get rid of this dickwad turncoat "democrat" mayor of st. paul, and scummy republican senator. Not to mention our incompetent (and racist!) governor. (He would rather steal money from indian reservations than raise taxes for the wealthy.)

That's it for now, i suppose. I'm updating zine reviews, links, and the catalogue soon.

9/30/04 LIKE, OMIGOD!! ISSUE FIVE! Yeah, finally. This issue, like, totally rocks. It's got a coloring page, an interview with Dame Darcy, broodings and musings on, but not limited to: saint paul, pop culture, 7th grade, connie sellecca shampoo, the deva catalogue, the fall vs. the cure, the 84 bus; and creepy dreams, collages, a funny interview with the fizz (a local band), reviews, freakishly strange dream about michael moore, the bleeding hickeys concert, politics, victorian tea party, plus lotsa other goodies. Cost is $1+ 60 stamp or trade.

I should have those pesky zine reviews up soon. Also, I'm kind of thinking of starting a distro, so send in your zines in if you're interested in being distro'd. Aaand, distros get in touch if you're interested in carrying turpentine.

you can order the new issue of turpentine, just email me at, or write me a nice letter. (my address is on the contact page.) you can also sign up to be on the turpentine zine "mailing list", and i'll update you when the next issue comes out.

Turpentine Number 4 was reviewed in ONE FINE MESS

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