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Designed for healthy eating and simple preparation, the controlled carb recipes in this must-have new edition.

Atkinís Diet Cookbook

Price: $16.80

Twenty years after publication of his bestselling Diet Revolution , Dr. Atkins is back and ready to raise a new ruckus. Once again, he contends that weight gain has little to do with fat intake; indeed, he will demonstrate "how much fat you can burn off, while eating liberally, even luxuriously."79 He encourages dieters to revel in traditional sources of protein like red meat, and to eat eggs and bacon for breakfast82-3 . Rapid weight loss, he promises, will be achieved through his 14-day...



One of the most palatable weight-loss diets ever devised allows the reader to lose weight with a minimum of pain and keep it off with ease. The product of 18 years of experience and analysis, Dr. Atkins has refined and expanded his thinking about weight loss, though his diet remains based on low carbohydrate intake.

Dr. Atkinís Diet Cookbook


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> Atkins Diet Low-Carb Shake Cappucino
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Atkins Diet Low - Carb Shake Cappucino
Dr. Atkin's New Diet Revolution
Atkin's Diet Cookbook
Dr. Atkin's New Diet Revolution