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Slimmer Diets and Fitness

Besides Nutrisystem and Slim Fast Diet, we also have The Zone and The Makerís DietóA diet for everyone.


You can be health, strong and beautiful.


Slim Fast Diet

Enter the Zone: A Dietary Roadmap

This revolutionary approach to diet is a lifelong health program designed to bring the body into total balance.

The Zone

Dr. Phil wants to lead you to weight loss freedom. He's spent over thirty years working with overweight patients to get results that last.

Dr. Philís Weight Solution

The Makerís Diet: The 40 Day Health Experience That Will Change Your Life Forever.

The Makerís Diet

More Diets

Order today: Nutrisystem
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Audio Editions Books on Cassette & CD:: The Slim-Fast Body-Mind-Life Makeover - 2 cassettes, Abridged (Health & Wellness)
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The Zone Diet
Slim Fast slimfast
Enter the Zone
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Zone Perfect Meals
Mastering the Zone
Ultimate Weight Solution
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Dr. Phil's Weight Solution Food Guide