Famous Chinese

BEAU with his very own Mini Me (creator unknown)! I purchased this very hard-to-find black/white Shih Tzu doll (fake hair, of course) from ebay.com auction site! Notice how the sepia-toned photo (actually a video clip set at "Snapshot") enhances the doll's truest appearance! Aren't their matching bows adorable? And, my, how their poses resemble...(endless sighing)...don't they look "Shagadelic"? (re: quote from the Austin Powers movie!).

Famous Chinese celebs: Keanu Reeves (whose birthday is Sept. 2, 1964- so that makes him 4 days older than me! Beau & I are Sept. babies like Keanu...), Bruce Lee/Brandon Lee (son) (both deceased), Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung / Kelly Hu (TV's "Marshall Law"), "Joy Luck Club" movie, Chow Yun-Fat ("Anna and the King" movie with Jodie Foster), Hsing-Hsing & Ling-Ling (Pandas (now deceased)), Amy Tan (author of "The Kitchen God's Wife"), Suzy Wong and Vera Wang (fashion designers), Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Joan Chen (actress (reportedly banned from China, had to sneak back to film part of her movie), Lisa Ling (TV's "The View" with Barbara Walters), Lucy Liu (TV's "Ally McBeal"), Bai Ling (actress of "Red Corner" movie with Richard Gere), Connie Chung (TV news anchorwoman & wife of talk-show host Maury Povich), Jet Li (actor), Herbert Lom ("Pink Panther" with Peter Sellers), Ang Lee (director of 4x Oscar-winning "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"), Michelle Yeoh (actress)...

Last update as of December 27, 2008


Somebody sold this cute doll (creator unknown) on eBay, but I didn't bid, because I already have a "better" one like the above...

and, here's another one from eBay, created by Marilyn Jensen of New Mexico USA...

Another eBay item, featuring a lady with her Tzu(?); seller is also from Phoenix. Starting bid: only $9.99...

This is VERY hard to find. I wanted to bid on it on eBay and changed my mind (starting bid was $30.00), but...

...this one went up for bid, and I picked and won this. It's cheaper ($19.99), and I didn't have a Shih Tzu snowglobe. This is cheaper than the above statue, plus it offers more enjoyment. (Both the above were made by Livingstone.)

I bidded & won these cookie cutters on eBay! Aren't they SO hard to find?? I love them!

Wonderful frame that I won on eBay! What a keeper. My b/w photo of Beau that I put in suits it perfectly next to my rubber-stamped Shih Tzu image!

I won this! Isn't this a unique beaut!

And, here's another one on eBay- rare, huh? (Creator unknown.)

The artisan, Teresa Summers, made a starting bid of $60.00 for this tiny item on eBay! It's made of polymer clay and is just around 1".

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The below 2 items can be purchased at a Hallmark store, which I have:

"Poofie" baby Shih Tzu Beanie Baby made by Ty in 2001-2.

Unique clay figurine made by Lou Rankin exclusively for Hallmark in the early '90s.

Hallmark finally released their annual Keepsake Puppies Series #18 for 2008 of a b/w Shih Tzu (pup, eating / modeling a Christmas cookie off the plate)! I'm the proud owner of one, which celebrates my adopting Romeo that year...

You can purchase the newly-released 'sandicast' (www.sandicast.com for a list of authorized wholesale-only dealers in your areas) model of a Tzu below at Godber's gift store (where I bought mine) below...

...and, see below for the older 'sandicast' model next to Beau! Gorgeous, huh?

Danbury Mint limited edition Shih Tzu plate with 23kt gold rim entitled "Picture Perfect" by Simon Mendez, for $29.90 (2003).

Tzu 'stuffed sticker' by Mrs. Grossman's (2004)!

And, here are some of the SEVERAL (too many to place here!) Tzu collectibles of mine!

Beau and his lookalike sculpture ('sandicast'), made & signed by artist Sandra Brue.

Some of my several figurines & rubber stamps that are displayed here in a curio lamp, in my bedroom.

Even various artists have designed beautiful forms.

And, I designed this picture frame from scratch and entered it in the Arizona State Fair in 1998. It earned 4th place!

I'm not the only one earning a ribbon; here's Beau posing proudly next to his first (1993) of several rosettes / ribbons. The yellow certificate is for Canine Good Citizenship (1994), and the white is an AKC registration certificate.

Lastly, here's Beau as Superdog. Remember that stuff at amusement parks? This was designed & taken by a pet photographer for a charity event in Phoenix, at a park in 1996.

As you can probably see, Beau is like a son to me, and I'm a fancier or "fan" of this breed! It's like a "teen-idol" thing...