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Straight From the Stalls of the Bathroom



Stuff Carved into the Walls


Call For a Good Time...


There’s TP Attached to What?  Well, Now it’s a Trend


That's Not Supposed to be in the Toilet!

Amuse Your Inner Vandal

These People Got Skillz...


Mom Doesn't Like this Band? TURN EM UP!


Wonder What These Guys Sound Like With Bass Cranked...


Stuff to Either See, or to Make Out to

Stuff That Can Be Done With Spray Paint

Skribble's Alleyway


Roses are Red, Blood is Too...


And This One Time...At Band Camp...


The Cops Are Hunting Us Down For These Ones

Yeah, Ok, We're Ripping off Letterman


Use These When Appropriate...Which Can Be Any Time You Want


This Shit Amused Us, Let it Amuse You Too


Guaranteed To Make You Smile


Our Little Demented Comic…Isn’t it Cute in a Psychopathic Way?


…What the hell is all this? Ludicrous I tell you!

Hey there. Skribble here, editor of this wonderful slice of online heaven. What the hell is this all about? Well, I guess I should tell ya. Every get so bored you come up with some out of this world, hair-brained ideas? Well, this, this is my hair-brained idea. But here’s the catch- I never thought it would actually get done! And not only did that blow me away, I have a staff too!! I’m completely in shock. Now…all I need is a fan base…hehehe. Anyways, welcome to the Writings on the Wall…online magazine/newspaper for the bored at heart, staff and readers both. Besides, this gives me, and the rest of the staff, even more excuses to be online all hours of the night.

The Meaning Behind All This Damn Graffiti

What exactly is this zine about? This is a zine for people who have nothing better to do online and want something amusing to read. That’s because the staff and editor are also people who are extremely bored online and needed something to do with their free time, so why not write for an online zine? Yep that’s what this is all about: a bunch of smart ass, opinionated college and high school kids putting all their two sense in, in hopes that they will come up with close to a dollar’s worth of sense. I don’t think we’ll ever come close to that dollar, but you never know. =) So, we hope that this zine is not only far from educational (it will have some educational merit, ill give you that) but we hope its sarcastic, humorous and something that helps occupy your young and wild minds. We’ll try to put stuff in here that we know your parents disapprove of and stuff we know that you, as our audience, will love. Got any ideas? Email em our way! =)

The Bag of Tricks I Have Up My (and my staff’s) Sleeves.

We aren’t really sure what we have for you in future issues. I guess this is living by the seat of your pants, eh? Hehehe. We hope to have a lot of fan feedback, requests, questions, and ideas to help us make this lil zine grow a bit. I hope to come up with more amusing features to have, cartoons, stories, poems, articles, jokes, pranks and recipes for both disaster, and something to cook up in the kitchen. Yes. Those are all something to look forward to. =) I also hope to have an actual set release date for each month’s issues, but we all will see that I’m completely unorganized, and a new monthly update will be whenever LOL. So, keep in mind, that things will change from time to time, so I hope you come back to see em! But for now, I’ll have this all together whenever my staff gets their stuff done =). Until then, cause trouble, be a pain in the ass, whatever floats your boat!  *Skribble*