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Old Patagonia Pottery

About the Artist

Marty takes his work very seriously but also has lots of fun with it. His designs mostly deal
with wildlife themes, such as, flowers, plants, animals and mankind. Marty loves nature, so
working with his hands and the clay of the earth comes natural to him. He has been interested
in pottery since high school.

Artist Statement:
The reason I make pottery is to delight the eye. It's true decorative in my mind even though
some function is implied with the vessel nature of the forms I use. Biology, especially botany,
and zoology, have always interested me. I enjoy borrowing themes, motifs and ideas from these
sciences to decorate my pottery.

Recent Awards:

Young Marty at Work
   Best of Show
   Clifton Art Music Fest; Cleveland, Ohio
   Purchase Award
   Saltfork Art and Music Festival; Cambridge, Ohio

   Ohio Festival Newscover and Poster
   Sugarloaf Mountain Works Spring; Columbus, Ohio
   People's Choice Award
   Saltfork Art and Music Festival; Cambridge, Ohio

   Best of Crafts
   Clifton Art and Musicfest; Cleveland, Ohio

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Old Patagonia Pottery