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Abyss Metropolis Lyrics


The pain of mind, I wander through, the broken streets, the breaking hearts. A steely gaze, above the smog, no hope today, where have I gone. Light no more, grey, swirls round abyss. Here this place we know we call abyss metropolis.

Black sun

I close my eyes in front of the window and try to imagine a better time, the fields and slate merged in one harmonious form. The children played no more in front of the house, the air had choked their little lungs, the engines frolic in the midday sun, all cogs and sprockets, springs in the works. Huge slabs of decadence in the places which once thrived. Manifestations of progress, with guards and dress codes to boot. In the alcoves the rats look up, the world below, the streets so alive with the sounds of decay. The noise of rails and feet pattering on surfaces beneath surfaces.

Red light distortion

The miserable faces and trendy exteriors have left me cold and disillusioned. I can no longer distinguish between them. All seem robotic and automated in their movements. I can walk across the centre of town only to find the same lies and second hand experience. I have come to believe that Im living in a great void, a void filled with diluted emotions and mechanised knee jerk reactions. Nothing seems real anymore.

Lucid nightmare

I dreamt I was running through the contorted jagged forms of London at night. I was alone but felt a presence watching my every move. I was going to a party in my mind, a horrific nightmare of a gathering in a building populated by buildings. And they raged in the confines, crashing and crushing all around. Upon my arrival I was greeted by a man who claimed to have sailed across the concrete seas, he was the first to go. The others followed soon after, the dim illumination allowed my unconscious mind to fantasise further, before long I was being assaulted by two coliseums with huge bulging red eyes, there noise was deafening, there bricks screeched and boomed as they crashed together above my head. Creatures with batons lined the walls swinging violently at myself and the other guests. They massacred all the guests as I hid beneath the tables. The sounds around me were like an earthquake murdering the land. I ran terrified from the building of buildings, into the river, into the water into silence and into the waking world.

Subversive frequencies

And so yet again we are dragged to our special places in the smog, well defined places set in the vast yarning face of stone. Buzzing insistently is the rhythm that seems to drive our hearts. through the smoke we descend to a deeper level and degree of darkness. All consuming darkness ready to swallow the world if let loose. In this time of never ending noise the tremors have weakened the shackles and soon the behemoth will rise and consume the city in ice and darkness.

Last call (Xaven)

The miserable alleys, the forbidding doorways, empty souls diffuse about the crevices of this man made horror. Statues both grimacing and protecting. At once shocking to the traveller but taking familiar forms to those who reside in the whirling nightmare. The pools of horizontal water, shining silk, draped over vast tables in the sky. All cold, and Unrigging. The price you pay.

Last Call (kelly)

It's difficult to talk's seems like it's all been said before. No body believes that things will change so we don't talk any more...we've fallen silent You hear it, all around us, wherever we go, noise, distant ...mechanical ...noise....all night long Thatís what grinds us down, more than the desolation, it's the constant banging and clatter, it's like a voice in your head, it suppresses us, keeps us in line. I remember the time when we could hear the sounds of nature birds and insects and the wind.....but one day it all stopped the machines had drowned it out. Everyone said, this is where we draw the line, no more sacrifice, no more pain, now we build on what we have done...but it was all one could resist......temptation. I hide here because here it's not so loud. Here I can speak and not be drowned out by cold mechanical desolation....But I know it's all for nothing. There coming, it's feels when something or someone is missing, and it will come for me.. It will come for you one can get away, as much as you try, you can't help but be tempted and then it has you and you can never get away.


We greet the silence like a saviour, the noise has teeth and claws to strike. The Wind blows forms across the street, there presence pushes us still more. Danteís shadow lingers long, his inferno has consumed us all. Our ashes merge with the wind. We are united once again.

And time stood still

Chilled metropolis, finally deserted, and empty. The people have fled, the engines have stopped. Nuclear winter without a bomb in sight. The lifeless structures cut course shadows across the streets. The lights are all out the drones have all sieced. Silence except for the noise of nature creeping back in. Itís carried on the wind. Seeds, spores, life. To burrow deep into the decay and soon to rise up. The concrete square turns to a forest, greens yellows, browns. New colours set against the rotting greys and fading perspecs. The silk and water, dulled and broken, the new order has come to pass, civilization as a dusty magazine or redundant piece of technology, all gone, the cockroaches inherit the earth,


After all is said and done, and the infinite progression has run itís course, all that is left is what once was, in pre-history, now post apocalypse. All that you knew is gone, all that remains is pure, uncorrupted. The fall of man is the rise of earth. For once the machines had choked them selves to death, the waiting forces of nature retook the city in silence. Scorched earth now reborn as green fields blanketing the ruined corpse of mans greed. The mechanical noise ceased, but in itís place the unrelenting force of nature, distorted and mutilated by man into horrific twisted forms. the concrete scars lie upon the smallest creature and as they march into the cityís once proud centre, they scream with anger at the shattered icons now fallen into the abyss.