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Abyss Metropolis

Recorded April/August 2002
[X]aven - Piano/Electronics/Pots and pans/Vocals
The Minister - Guitar on tracks 1,3,9,11 and 14
The Mistress - Testimony on Last Call

2-As Night Falls
3-Black Sun
4-On The Wind
5-Red Light Distortion
7-Lucid nightmare

8-Subversive Frequencies
10-From The Balcony
11-Last Call
13-And Time Stood Still
Sleeve art
Album Lyrics

'Abyss Metropolis' started out as a continuation of the themes of 'Experiments: Inhumanity', however as work continued the concepts and new sounds moved on from simply sound-tracking a city, and - with this release - the life that exists in it, to a more refined, storytelling saga. The songs tell the tale of the fall of a modern metropolis through the eyes of one of its inhabitants. The songs chart this persons fears as the swirling mass of concrete and neon begins to choke itself to death taking everybody else with it.

This time the album has fourteen tracks nine of which feature vocals at some point. The story telling aspect is very much a focal point for the album. Also used are a wider range of sound sources and instruments. Piano, and guitar being the most frequently used live instrument. Other instruments including bells, violin, and strings make an appearance. The Guitar is provided by a friend of mine under the name of The Minister.

I did my best to use a broader range of sound sources to make the songs as interesting and varied as I could. I often made use of radio recordings to provide interesting textures or vocal, sound loops. Many of the mechanical sounds heard on the album are created by the use of metal, and wooden objects which I would record and manipulate to create the desired effect.

As stated, the album charts the slow destruction of a city through the eyes of someone living there. I tried to cast the listener as the city inhabitant, many of the songs are designed to have a disorientating effect and produce apprehension and paranoia.