Qi Jun (1917-2006)  
Chi Chun 琦君 (or 1918-2006)
pseud. of Pan Xizhen

根据其同名小说改编的电视剧 《橘子红了》 近年风靡海峡两岸。







Qian, Mu, 1895-1990.  錢穆
Chinese historian and philosopher

Qian, Sanqiang   錢三強
father of China's atomic bomb 
2nd son of Qian Xuantong 钱玄同


Qian, Xuantong, 1887-1939.  钱玄同 语言文字学家
2nd son: Qian Sanqiang  
from wikipedia

Qian, Xuesen   錢學森
China's father of aerospace

Qian, Zhongshu, 1910-1998.
writer   錢鐘書   (錢鍾書,钱钟书)
wife: Yang Jiang 楊絳


Quan, Andy, 1969-
from Shergood Forest

Quan, Bruce.
Professor of Law


Quan, Jean.
councilwoman, Oakland, CA\

Quang, Bao

Quine, Willard Van Orman, 1908-2000.
mathematician and philosopher 
from Wikipedia


Quinn, Helen R., 1943-
SLAC theoretical physicist
AAAS, 1998
Dirac Medal, 2000

Raine, Kathleen, 1908-2003.
Mystically inclined British poet and a scholar
of Yeats and Blake
had a lifelong passion for all things Indian;
had a doomed love affair with the naturalist, homosexual Gavin Maxwell; obit from The Guardian
born Kathleen Jessie Raine

Ramphele, Mamphela Aletta, 1947-

Managing Director of the World Bank
social anthropologist and physician

Randolph, A. Philip, 1889-1979.
pioneer in civil rights and labor

Rao, Raja, 1908-2006.
Indian novelist
obituary, NY Times, July 15, 2006

Rawls, John, 1921-2002.
influential political philosopher, Harvard


Read, Allen Walker, 1906-2002.
philologist; etymologist

Redgrave, Vannesa, 1937-
daughter: Natasha Richardson

Redgrove, Peter, 1932-2003.
prolific British poet
died of Parkinson's disease

Rehak, Paul, 1954-2004.
necrology: American Journal of Archaeology, July 2004, 108(3):447-448.

Reichert, Herbert W., 1917- (deceased)
Herbert William Reichert
Professor of German Literature
1958 John Simon Guggenheim Fellow

Reinhardt, William P.
Phi Beta Kappa visiting scholars

Reischauer, Edwin O., 1910-1990.  賴世和
賴世和 (或音譯賴肖爾) Edwin O Reischauer 教授 1956-1963
之前的早年歲月在日度過,1931年畢業於美國歐柏林 (Oberlin College) 學院,1932得哈佛碩士,1933-1938得哈佛燕京學社獎學金在法,日,中等國研究日本語言和歷史,1939以古代中日關係史的研究獲得哈佛博士。
他是葉理綏 (Serge Elisseeff) 教授的學生,亦曾任東亞系教授,第二次世界大戰中曾加入美國陸軍部,擔任日本電訊密碼解讀工作,戰後回哈佛任教,擔任日本語言和歷史課程。

Rembski, Stanislav, 1896-1998.
prolific portraitist with an economical style that masterfully evoked the spirit of his subjects; died in Baltimore, Maryland.  Among the best known of Rembski's 1,500 works were posthumous portraits of Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt, the latter commissioned by Eleanor in 1945.  (from Time magazine, September 28, 1998, p. 29)

Restany, Pierre, 1930-2003.
influential French art critic
formulator of 'New Realism' in art

Rexroth, Kenneth, 1905-1982.

Rey, H. A. (Hans Augusto), 1898-1977

Rey, Margret (Elizabeth Waldstein), 1906-1996..
co-creators of Curious George, a children's book series about a mischievous monkey

Rhoads, Jonathan E.
Philadelphia surgeon﹔ Westtown School alumnus


Ricci, Matteo, 1552-1610.  利瑪竇
   x Li, Ma-Dou  (S.J.)

Rice, Anne, 1941-
New Orleans writer

Richardson, Jane S.
Duke biochemist; MacArthur Fellow

Rickett, Adele Austin

Rickett, W. Allyn
Professor Emeritus of Chinese Studies

Riemer, Neal, 1922-2001.

Riesman, David, 1909-2002.

Riessman, Frank, 1924-2004.
social psychologist; self-help movement
died of Parkinson's disease

Rieu, Andre, 1917-

Rieu, Andre, 1949-  
Dutch crossover classical violinist/conductor
Johann Strauss Orchestra
"The Flying Dutchman"
Strangers in Paradise (from Kismet) by A. Borodin

Rimmer, Harry, 1890-1952.

Rinker, Harry L.
antique collecting

Harry L. Rinker
Rinker Enterprises
5093 Vera Cruz Road
Emmaus, PA 18049
(610) 965-1122

Ristow, Walter William, 1908-2006.
map librarian

Ritchie, Dennis, 1941-
co-developer of Unix with Kenneth Thompson
developer of C language
National Medal of Engineering

Riukas, Stanley, d. 2006.
Professor of Philosophy
West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Riukas came from Lithuania
Inherent and Instrumental Values in Ethics

Roberts, J. M., 1928-2003.
John Morris Roberts, British historian
author of History of the World

Robeson, Paul, 1898-1976.
born in Princeton and died in Philly
Paul Robeson on the Web

Robinson, Mary, 1944-
human rights advocate
former President of Ireland
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Rochberg, George, 1918-2005.
American composer

Rochester, George, 1908-2002.

nuclear physicist

Rogers, Fred, 1928-2003.

Fred McFeely Rogers; Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
of Pittsburgh, PA

Rogers, Kenny, 1938-
born Kenneth Donald Rogers in Houston, TX
Playboy Interview, November 1983, p. 65+

Rorty, Richard, 1931-
Professor of Comparative Literature, Stanford University
PhD, Yale, 1956

Rose, Stefanie, 1987-
Canadian crossover soprano

Rosenthal, Franz, 1904 or 1905-2003.
Yale Sterling Professor of Arabic

Rosten, Leo (Calvin), 1908-1997.
A native of Poland, Rosten is best known for his works celebrating Jewish culture.  His definitive reference work, The Joys of Yiddish, published in 1968, introduced readers to colorful and now common terms like schlemiel, schmaltz, and chutzpah.

Roth, Philip, 1933-

Rothaus, Oscar, 1928 or 1929-2003.
75 years old
Cornell math professor
creator of the Hidden Markov Model

Rowe, David Nelson, 1905-1985.  饒大衛
Professor of Political Science
Yale University
BORN IN 1905 of missionary parents stationed in Nanking, David Rowe resided in central China until 1922. Those early years stirred in him the love of East Asia that was to be one of his life's many passions. He took degrees at lofty American universities, and then launched into a career of research, writing, lecturing, and teaching--most of the last at Yale, mostly as a full professor for more than thirty years.

Rowse, A. L., 1903-1997.
Alfred Leslie Rowse; Shakespearean scholar;
gay historian

Roy, Andrew Tod, 1903-2004.
Presbyterian missionary to China
B.A., Washington & Lee University
M.A., PhD, Princeton University
born in Laredo, Texas
deported from China in 1951
retired in 1982 to Philadelphia
died May 2 near Pittsburgh, PA, at 101
memoir, "Never a Dull Moment"
children: David Tod Roy, China scholar
          J. Stapleton Roy, ambassador to China

Roy, David Tod, 1933-
son of Andrew Tod Roy and Margaret Crutchfield
China specialist
translator of

Roy, J. Stapleton.  
ambassador to China

Rubinstein, Nicolai, d. 2003.

Rubinstein, Ruth, d. 2003.

Ruotolo, Lucio, 1927-2003.
professor emertius of English, Stanford
expert on Virginia Woolf

Russell, Bertrand, 1872-1970.
British philosopher

Russell, Ching Yeung
children's author

Russell, William L., 1910 or 1911-2003. (age 92)
Enrico Fermi Award, 1976
U.S. National Academy of Sciences
prominent geneticist and radiation pioneer
his lab nicknamed the "Mouse House"

Russell, Willy.
Blood Brothers

Rustin, Bayard, 1912-1987.

gay civil rights activist of Quaker faith from West Chester, PA
Bayard Rustin High School (West Chester, PA)
from wikipedia


Rutkowski, Bogdan, 1930-2004.
Cult Places of the Aegean.
necrology: American Journal of Archaeology, July 2004, 108(3):449-550.