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Qian,  Xuesen
                         Father of China's Aerospace

¡¡¡¡Qian is forerunner pioneering the development of China's aerospace science and technology. He has been honored as "father of China's aerospace" and "king of rockets".

¡¡¡¡Qian was graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Department of Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1934 and was enrolled in Tsinghua University for studying abroad with public funds in the same year. In 1939, he was granted doctor's degree in aerospace and mathematics in the US.

¡¡¡¡Qian returned to China in 1955 under the solicitous care of the late Premier Zhou Enlai. Four months after he got back home he submitted "Proposal of Setting up China's Aerospace Industry for National Defense" to the State Council. According to his proposal, the State Council and the Central Military Commission set up the Committee of Aerospace Industry-- a leading body for missile and aerospace science study and Qian was named as a member on the Committee. In 1956, He committed himself to organizing the Fifth Institute under the Ministry of National Defense-the First Rocket and Missile Research Institute and was appointed as first president of the Institute. He chaired over formulation of the program of "Projecting Jet and Rocket Technology", participated in the development and production of short-range missile, medium short-range missile and the first man-made earth-orbited satellite in China. He directly presided over carrying out experiment on atomic bomb with medium short-range missile and participated in the first development plan of interstellar aviation in China. He is the founding father of Engineering Control and systematic science.