April, 2002 vol. 1 no. 7



Anti-JET Protests Intensify


The Peace Pedalers
They've got a ticket to ride . . . with a little help from their friends.
Supa Phreaky Phonics Phlashcards
    submitted by: Jonathan Kingston
Jonathan put in the time to make teaching phonics suck a little less. Now he's gonna let you download some mad love.
Samurai Wisdom
    submitted by: Doug Williams
We all have troubles in our lives, and now the ancient wisdom of the samurai can help us out. Apparently it helps to "become insane and desperate."
Help for the Hopeless Smoocher
    by: Jonathan Kingston
Kissmint has the "effective ingredients" you need for a successful game of tonsil hockey. Isn't it nice to know that all our problems have been solved by mysterious chemicals?

Photo by Sierra Soleil
  Books - Iron and Silk
  Movies - Spiderman
From the Editor:
  Safety Pin Blues

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