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Origin: Sweden
Status: Active
Style: Death Metal

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Entombed's forerunner, Nihilist, was formed in 1987. In the Nihilist years, 1987-1989, Nicke (drums) and Alex (guitar) were the only constant members. On the first demo, Premature Autopsy (1988), L.G was a session singer. After that demo Matthias Boström was the constant singer. Well, not excactly constant, since he left the band in a VERY short time. After that L.G was the constant singer. Then they released their second demo, Only Shreds Remain. About one year later, 1989, they released their third demo, Drowned. Leffe was a constant member until 1989, he played guitar on the first demo and the bass on the second. Then he left to the Canada to study, and he still lives there. Johnny Hedlund (Unleashed) replaced him on the third demo. Uffe played session guitar on the first demo and guitar on the last one.

In 1989 Nihilist split up but was shortly after reformed as Entombed, without Johnny and AlX. Johnny was replaced by David Blomqvist (Dismember) and Nicke played guitar instead of AlX. This was the setting for Entombed's only demo, But Life Goes On. It says on the demo that AlX plays on it, but that is wrong! The reason is that AlX became a member before the demo was out but not before it was recorded. In about the same time as Nihilist split up, they where about to get a deal with Necrosis. But when they became Entombed Necrosis was taken over by Earache. Earache wanted to sign Nihilist, but since Nihilist had split up, Nicke and Uffe sent the But Life Goes On-demo to Earache and got a contract. In 1990 Entombed made their full length debut, with the fast, brutal death metal album Left Hand Path. As David Blomqvist left the band before the record was recorded, the bass duties was shared between Nicke and Uffe. A while after the record was recorded, Entombed got a new bass player, Lars Rosenberg. He is on the picture on the Left Hand Path picture-LP and in the video to the title track, although he doesn't play on the record.

1991 L.G was sacked because he had argued with Nicke. The last recording that he sung on was Forsaken, for a compilation on CBR. To complete the next record they needed a new singer. As a temporary singer they hired Orvar Säfström, from the band Nirvana 2002. To Entombed's second album, Clandestine, they hired Johnny Dordevic as a constant singer. Dordevic was a friend of Nicke and also the bass player in Carnage. The strange thing is that he didn't sing on the album. In fact, the singing was made by Nicke. Dordevic was only singing live and in the videos Entombed made at the time. The intention was that Johnny should learn to sing, but he wasn't really interested in rehearsing so he was kicked.

Their next record was Hollowman, it was the first record with L.G back in the band. This EP was made as a teaser for their next full length album, Wolverine Blues. This album was the thing Entombed needed to make an international breakthrough.

The other members became more and more disappointed with Lasse. In 1995 Lasse went to America with Therion without telling the rest of the members. When Lasse was away, Entombed got an offer to play in Hultsfred. All members (except Lasse) decided that Lasse could not longer be a member of Entombed. Since Lasse couldn't play in Hultsfred Entombed hired Jörgen Sandström to play the bass in Hultsfred. Since all Entombed members (except Lasse) liked Jörgen better than Lasse, and since Jörgen just had left Grave, Lasse was kicked and replaced by Jörgen. Lasse started to play bass in Therion some time after. However, that didn't last very long, because Lasse likes to drink more than he likes to play. He lived in South America for some time, but he is now back in Sweden.

After this they wanted to change record company. That was not because Earache wasn't good enough, it was because they did many stupid things. Entombed then signed with East West, a underlabel to Warner. As East West was even more stupid than Earache, Entombed changed record company once again. This time to their current record company Music for Nations. Entombed now released their fourth album DCLXVI - To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth. Just to be a pain in the ass, and of course to make money, Earache released an album with tracks from previous Entombed singles just before Entombed released their album.

In the fall of 1997 Nicke left the band. He was replaced by Peter "Flinta" Stjärnvind, the drummer of Face Down, Merciless, Loud Pipes and Regurgitate.

Entombed entered the studio in the beginning of August 1998 to record a new album. Just to be a bigger pain in the ass, and of course to make even more money, Earache released a live album and video, recorded in London 1992. The new album, called Same Difference, was released the 16th November, and a bit later on vinyl and limited edition CD.

1999 saw no release of a new album, but the cover-10"/CD Black Juju was released by the american label Man's Ruin, and Entombed performed Albino Flogged in Black, by Stillborn, on the "Power From the North" compilation. In the end of the year the upcoming album was recorded. In the spring of year 2000 Uprising hit the stores, and the words in the streets were "they are back!!!". Where they actually are can be questioned, but with Uprising they started to reclaim their old throne on top of the swedish metal scene. It didn't take long to record and release the second full-length kick in the head, and before the end of the year Morning Star was out. With faster songs than ever (at least it felt like it) and a killer production, it leaves a lot of hope for 2002...

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Discography Label
1989: 'But Life Goes On' (Demo)
1990: 'Left Hand Path' Earache
1991: 'Crawl' (EP) Earache
1992: 'Clandestine' Earache
1992: 'Stranger Aeons' (EP) Earache
1993: 'Hallowman' (EP) Earache
1993: 'Wolverine Blues' Earache
1994: 'Out Of Hand' (EP) Earache
1996: 'Entombed' (Compilation) Earache
1997: 'To Ride, Shoot Straight, And Speak The Truth' Music For Nations
1997: 'Wreckage' (EP) Music For Nations
1998: 'Same Difference' Music For Nations
1999: 'Black Juju' (EP) Man's Ruin
2000: 'Uprising' Music For Nations
2001: 'Morning Star' Music For Nations
2003: 'Inferno' Music For Nations

'But Life Goes On' Demo 89 Cassette Inlay'

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