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This page continues the discussion of psychic ESP telekinesis power, or Mind over Matter, begun on this page. On this page I show still photos of another video where I demonstrate cloud psychokinesis, making clouds grow or shrink by mind power. This is something you may be able to do, if you try to. Lots of people have this ability.

In this video from May 2009, I tried to make a cloud grow larger. I actually ended up shrinking this cloud but growing a larger cloud near it. This link is to the video, and shown below are still photos from this video. These photos show you how in trying to grow a cloud, I got an unexpected result of shrinking the original cloud, and growing a second cloud that became larger than the original cloud.

May 2009 cloud grow

:20 Minutes. Begin, the original cloud.

:28 Minutes.

:55 Minutes. A 2nd cloud starts to grow.

1:07 Minutes.

1:20 Minutes.

1:40 Minutes. The 2nd cloud is drawing cloud material from the original cloud, shrinking it.

1:50 Minutes.

2:10 Minutes.

2:40 Minutes. The 2nd cloud is now larger than the original cloud.

3:00 Minutes.

3:40 Minutes.

4:00 Minutes.

4:32 Minutes.

4:54 Minutes. The 2nd cloud is now larger than the original cloud. And there are 2 other small clouds nearby.

Conclusions: in trying to grow a cloud, cloud material was drawn from the original cloud to create a 2nd larger cloud. This wasn't the intention, but it was what happened.

In this video from April 2009, I tried to shrink a cloud..

April 2009 cloud shrink

:03 Minutes. Begin, the original cloud.

1:10 Minutes.

2:35 Minutes.

3:30 Minutes.

3:53 Minutes.

4:20 Minutes. Cloud is nearly gone.

5:00 Minutes.

5:17 Minutes.

Conclusions: I was able to shrink this cloud in 5 minutes. If you watch the video, you will see the wind starts blowing during the cloud shrinking.

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